Track Blog Traffic after Google Penguin and Panda Update 2013

Did you notice variation in your Blog Traffic recently? Well I do and it’s not in a positive way. Ever since the launch of Google Panda and Penguin update every blogger fears about being getting penalised. My Blog traffic has dropped by more than 50% and straightway nightmare of Penguin update came to my mind. Over a time Panda and Penguin update has changed SEO used to be. Lots of SEO companies used to claim Good Rankings in Google search result by building links via different techniques.  But you cannot rely only on link building done by a SEO expert, you have to learn SEO and apply it to each article you write. There are a lot of queries like How to track traffic on Blogger and WordPress Blogs which can help a blogger know whether their Blog get hit by Google’s latest algorithm update or not. In this post, we will focus on a very simple and easy to use tool to Track Blog Traffic after Penguin, Panda update.

Factors that affect you Blogs SEO Score

There are many factors contribute to SEO score of any Blog. Some of them are as follows:

Track Blog Traffic after Penguin Update with Barracuda Digital Penguin Tool

Barracuda Digital Penguin Tool is a very easy Blog traffic tool which analysis your Google Analytics account and matches the traffic with Search Algo update Dates. It is no doubt the best way to track blog traffic, as you all need is Google analytic Account. All you need is to login with your analytics account and give access to your account and select the profile for which you need to check the effect of Google Penguin and Panda effects. In the screenshot below you can see a timeline graph of my blog traffic with Google Algo updates.

Track Blog Traffic after Penguin Update

Track Blog Traffic after Penguin Update

Conclusion: It is no doubt the easiest way to track my blog traffic and it gives opportunity to analyse and you can take necessary steps to get back traffic on your Blog. If you are also suffering from traffic drop than analyse your Blog traffic with Barracuda Digital Penguin Tool and post your results in the comments section below.

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