Tor Browser: Best Tool to Hide Machine IP Address and Surf Anonymously

I have discussed about anonymous internet surfing with Top 5 software and how to watch TV Shows outside USA using UnoTelly. There has been rumors about spying from International agencies on internet activity across the world. Most of the users who want to remain anonymous and do not want any one spying on them prefers to use software’s like Hide IP etc. However as a personal user I don’t prefer using any third-party software to mask my IP address, rather I want it to be handle by browser itself. And here is TOR Browser, best tool to hide Machine IP Address and allows access to restricted content.

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Hide Machine IP Address with TOR Browser

Download and Install Tor Browser by selected the version according to the operating system. Extract the downloaded file to place and open the browser by clicking file “Start Tor Browser” as shown in the screenshot below.


After that you will see “Vidalia Control Panel” that allows you to start Tor, Stop IP masking, Change identity and other options. Configure the Tor browser as per your need. Personally I don’t like making any changes and leave it to be as it is.


That’s it and your Tor browser is ready to Hide Machine IP Address. To check the effectiveness I have done a test in which I have checked IP Address on Tor Browser and Chrome browser and results are shown in the image below.



Tow Browser works perfectly and effectively hide machine IP address. You can also watch restricted videos easily without any third part software. The only issue with using Tor Browsers that I felt is frequent error messages during website loading, You have to refresh the page couple of times before making it to load completely. 

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