Top Web Design Tips to Make Your Life better

We all are at some point and for certain things want to develop a well-designed website which might take a lot of time and effort. So what is that secret which all the best web designers know and the rest of the public don’t? The key to make a good web design is simple: you will have to understand the universal rules of web designing and follow them every time. In this post we will be discussing few important tips to make a great web design.

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Top Web Design Tips to Make Your Life better

Let’s make sure this will never happen with you

1. Start learning the basic rules of type designing: The best thing you can do to make a good web design is to remember that the web is really just a clump of text and typography design.

The good news is all the type of designers have spent a good amount of time and effort in making perfect text designs by implying some of the simple yet  important rules which if any site applies and follows, is surely guaranteed to fetch great results creating a masterpiece every time.:

For Title:

  • Make them easy and bold to scan
  • In typography San serif typefaces would be the best for titles as they are easy to read and stark

For body text, you are looking for maximizing discernibility:

  • For plenteous text go for a serif typeface
  • Making the font-size larger is recommended, 16 px should be minimum
  • Each line should never exceed 50 to 60 characters

2. Select a solid typeface, and maybe one with a touch of whimsy 


Now, don’t take it wrong, everyone loves Helvetica as much as the next designers. When you are choosing a font-face it is better if it is something easy to read, simple, graphic or maybe something which you know or have seen already. Helvetica Neue has been replaced by Proxima Nova. I won’t say it is the best, but if you are looking forward to sophisticated sans-serif typeface that any layman won’t recognize, trying Proxima Nova is a good idea.

Few other choices include Merriweather Sans and Montserrat.

3. Take a 3-color pallette & then stick to it!


When you are picking up a color pallette the best thing to do is pick it and stick to it. Being consistent is everything when it comes to making an adhesive color palette for your website.

Always opt for neutral palettes which use a strong accent color in a bold way. While picking picking colors you can also checkout Adobe’s Kuler tool, or go through collection of palettes at Colour Lovers.

4. Make sure the size of your photos is correct

Screenshot_1Always remember, the web is pixel based. In case your image not that large, it will look pixelated. While seeking pictures on iStock or Google make sure that you are getting the proper size. The clarity of an image gives a lot of credibility to the website, even if they were not clicked by you.

If the size of the picture is too small, avoid uploading it!

5. When doubtful, give it space

One of the best and most important designing tips: Making sure that the content has breathing room. This means the content should be given proper margins as it will help in increasing the focus and legibility. It’s quite important to avoid overwhelming users with walls of text.

Lot of text can be a little daunting. Text is important, but more important is breaking it up with legible paragraphs and sub headings. Also, consider using images or icons as alternative ways to communicate your thought.

If there is a golden rule of designing then it is picking your esthetic and stick to it. Choosing a career as web designer can be a great idea and after going through the above mentioned points, you are now at least aware of the basic rules to proceed. 

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