Top Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

As a fun app for kids, Instagram does not take much time to outgrow, and it becomes a sober networking, content marketing, audience building, and selling tool for everyone. With more than 200 million active users, it has 60 million photos with 1.6 billion likes per day. 

Isn’t it cool? 

Of course, it is. On most of the social media networks, engagement rates for brands are less than 0.1%; however, Instagram drives them all away. 

Do you know that, according to the Forrester study in 2014, the typical Instagram engagement rate for brands was impressively 58 times more than on Facebook?

Let’s have a look at the top hacks to be successful in your social media strategy.

Cross Promoting Your Hashtags

Making hashtag #TsAcademy, for your company is nice, but who discerns to use it just for sharing your content. Don’t forget to add it to your profile, but catch the game offline. Use popular hashtags with your every caption and also include them on your profile. You can even direct people to use your hashtags if you are famous on Radio or TV. Try managing online and offline campaigns by making sure that it is listed on other social media profiles as well.

Get Innovative with Hashtags

While talking about Instagram caption plans, make sure to generate a few creative hashtags that you should add with your captions. Definitely, you must want to use those hashtags, but try mixing them up with other most popular hashtags. Don’t make your content boring and collaborate with posts of others.

Remove Unwanted Tagged Photos from Your Profile

You can fairly post the best user-generated content about your brand on your Instagram account. You can even handle the tagged photos from the site entirely. Just go to “Edit Tags” and select the ones you want to remove and choose “Hide from Profile.” It will hide or appear the post on your feed page.

Be a Part of Popular Conversations

Use always a mixture of hashtags for all of your posts, for instance, #glassworking for a glass-making company. When it comes to specific hashtags, it is more like long-tail keywords that show more aim and assist you to find the right audience.

Make Your Bio URL Outstanding

Your bio URL is the prime point on your Instagram account, do you know about it?

Actually, you need to link your bio to your official homepage of website, so that you can easily drag the audience towards your brand. Also, don’t make it monotonous; keep changing it on a weekly basis and use the clickable link to drive more traffic towards your newly established brand.

Be Descriptive with Your Captions

Definitely, a photo has more power than words, but words also cannot be skipped. Did you ever notice National Geographic? They are really amazing at using storytelling together with Instagram photos. It helps them to produce engagement as well as sharing of the content. Though typical media brands have crashed like flies, NatGeo has broken the baseline all over digital and turn into one of the top brands on Instagram. It has more than 50 million followers.

So, social media users must not be indulged in activities that can harm their profiles and brands. You can have more than enough real followers if you really follow the ideas with honesty.   

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