Top Reasons to Use Dedicated Servers

Are you dissatisfied with your online business success? Perhaps, the main problem lies in the performance of your website. The importance of this aspect is often underestimated, particularly when being a new site owner.

When setting up a new webpage, people always choose shared hosting as a low-cost alternative. This service means that you share a server with a myriad of other sites, which tends to be problematic as your business grows.

Therefore, purchasing a dedicated server is undoubtedly the most efficient solution for businesses on the rise. It provides greater security, performance, and reliability. Nowadays, there are numerous vendors, such as, providing dedicated servers to their clients. 

These are the main benefits of using one.

Handles increased website traffic 

One of the main reasons to choose a dedicated server is being able to improve the performance of your website, whose traffic is gradually increasing. There is nothing wrong in starting with a shared hosting plan, thus sharing the service with hundreds of other websites. However, once your traffic experiences a boost, it’s high time to purchase a server that is dedicated solely to your site.

Moreover, such a hosting service will do wonders for your website’s performance by significantly boosting your daily traffic and improving user experience. Remember that being reluctant to give up shared hosting is likely to cause numerous setbacks. Due to slow page speed, many users will be discouraged from visiting your site. 

Therefore, you need to be extremely attentive when tracking your site’s progress. Noticing even a minor problem with its performance might be a clear sign of switching to a dedicated server. Bear in mind that a long overdue decision will have a negative effect on user experience. 

Better security

Security is another significant reason for using a dedicated server, particularly for businesses that deal with sensitive information, such as social security numbers, passport numbers, and credit card data. Such information has to be kept safe against hackers and malware. Click here to learn more about the importance of information sensitivity. 

Furthermore, using such a service is the only way of being in control of your website’s security, as you’ll be able to implement the features that suit your needs. Apart from firewalls, you can add as many security layers as you believe are necessary. You’ll no longer have to worry about the confidentiality of your business communication, as all e-mails will remain private. 

Greater page load time 

In order for your website to provide a positive customer experience, it should load fast. Most users lack the patience to wait forever for a site to load, considering the myriad of competitors’ sites. A slow loading webpage is the main reason for high bounce rates, which eventually lead to decline in sales. 

Nevertheless, a dedicated server will improve your page load speed by performing the required optimization. You’ll no longer have to wonder which of the other sites on the shared server is slowing your webpage. All resources will be used solely by you, thus maintaining the page speed optimal at all times. 

Greater flexibility

Another amazing benefit of using a dedicated server is being provided with the flexibility to adapt it to your business needs. It offers the opportunity to alter your services in accordance with your clients’ requirements. You are in charge of choosing its configuration, thus being able to decide on its software, RAM, hard drive, and other important features. 

Enhanced reliability

Reliability is considered to be an essential aspect of every site, as internet users aren’t exactly fond of website crushes. However, when using shared web hosting, these crashes are extremely likely to happen, particularly in the cases of boosted traffic. 

On the other hand, investing in a dedicated server indicates enhanced reliability, regardless of the amount of traffic. Even if your webpage’s content features high-quality videos and high-resolution images, there is no reason to fear poor performance. Also, you’ll be able to hire IT specialists, whose job would be to supervise the site at all times, momentarily resolving every issue that might arise. 

Wrap up

Making such an investment is certainly worthwhile for your business.

It’s the only way to hope for success! 

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