Top performance-enhancing and optimizing apps for android users

Don’t you just hate it when your android slows down and it takes ages to open an app or run a particular function? We all become victims of such annoyance at some point in time. Regardless of the continuous efforts by Google to optimize its systems, android tends to slow down over time for various reasons. Instead of cursing your phone or the system, it’s imperative to put some performance boosting apps to good use so that you continue to enjoy your smart-phone experience. Here’s the list of some essential apps that can help you with a number of droid pet peeves such as cache cleaning, storage issues and processor slow-downs. Ready? Let’s get started.

Android Assistant

Assistant for Android – Android Apps on Google Play

Much like your personal assistant, it gets the job done with ease. An effective system monitoring tool, the app supervises the performance of your RAM, CPU, battery, ROM, SD card and other files. From cache cleaning to uninstalling inactive and useless apps, it speeds up your android without manual input. Move some of your apps and files to your SD card and enable the power saving mode and bingo, you’re good to go. This can promise better system performance and a seamless android experience without much trouble.

Clean Master

Clean Master  Boost   AppLock  – Android Apps on Google Play

Talk about having an all-in-one android optimizer and this app has got you covered. With a number of useful features such as junk file cleaner, storage booster, file shredder, antivirus and app manager, it allows you to optimize your android to the fullest. With these tools, you can be sure to enhance your system’s functioning for better speed and performance.


CCleaner – Android Apps on Google Play (1)

Widely popular for its functionality and performance for PCs, the CCleaner mobile app is full of useful features and tools. The app is a multipurpose system monitor and performance booster and lets you have more control over your android optimization. In addition to cache cleaning to junk file management, the app has storage, CPU, RAM and battery meters to continuously manage their performance so that you can keep your android running. If you have tried the CCleaner for your PC and liked it, then give this app a try.

3C Toolbox

3C Toolbox – Android Apps on Google Play

Formerly known as the Android Tuner, 3C Toolbox comes with a variety of performance enhancing and optimizing tools. The app not only allows you to diagnose optimization issues but also gives you the liberty to tweak the system for improved performance. A detailed interface provides the users with a number of managing tools for device, apps, network, CPU, battery and files. With its special Task Manager, you can control running apps by force-stopping or even killing the unwanted ones. Ideal for savvy users, 3C Toolbox is for those who prefer to go into trivial details.

DU Speed Booster

DU Speed Booster   Cleaner – Android Apps on Google Play

A great blend of functionality and design, DU Speed Booster boasts a variety of essential features that can take your android performance up a notch. A user-friendly interface that resembles a digital speedometer, the app features valuable tools such as phone accelerator, network speed booster, trash cleaner and game & memory booster. These features ensure smooth functioning even if you are using multiple apps and resources at the same time. If you like multitasking on your smart-phone then this app is definitely for you.

Android Booster

My Android – Android Apps on Google Play

One of the most popular tools for android optimization, Android Booster is a good way to keep your operating system running. From freeing up space to reclaiming memory to uninstalling unnecessary apps, it allows you to make the best of android optimization while you are at it. The app also has task and application management tools that provide you with manual options to keep or delete data and files in your system. In addition, battery booster makes the app a reasonable go-to option for android users.


Greenify – Android Apps on Google Play

Greenify fixes your battery and memory hogs by hibernating the apps to limit background processing. By halting the unwanted and inactive processes, it enhances the system functioning and frees your device from excessive battery and power drainage. Don’t worry, it lets you to normally run an app in the foreground and only hibernates the apps that are not currently in use. Just be careful to Greenify your alarm clocks or push messages as you wouldn’t want them to hibernate or stop.


Android maintenance and optimization is important for a seamless smart-phone experience. The app store is full of such apps that can get the job done for android users. A lot of app development companies are now focusing on such apps to address the limitations of Google. If you’re looking for reliable mobile app development in Los Angeles then give VeztekUSA a try. Boasting a vast portfolio of apps, the company is well equipped to provide you mobile solutions that best fit your personal and business needs.

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