Comparison between Top PDF Password Remover Tools for Windows

PDF Password Remover Tools for Windows – I have already discussed a lot about PDF. In the earlier post you can learn how to protect PDF File with Password. Now in this post i am going to Compare Top 5 PDF Cracker Tools. Before going to compare the free tools that can be used to find out the password of the PDF file, I want to mention that this article is just for Comparison and doesn’t support any kind of malicious activity. Now coming back to the topic, in the modern world where everything has become online we need to secure our documents and the best way to do so is to lock them with password. But there are scenarios when we forgot our own password and not able to open the PDF file. Since there is no such facility of “Forgot Your Password” or “Recover your Lost Password” we need to use tools like PDF Password Remover Online and Software’s. Earlier i have posted a similar article that compares Top Zip Compressed File Password Recovery Tools and this time the focus will be on PDF files.

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Top PDF Password Remover

Top PDF Password Remover

Top PDF Password Remover Tools

The following list has both PDF Password Remover Tools for windows that you need to install to use and PDF Password Remover Online Tools.

1. is website that provides the facility to remove passwords and restrictions (such as printing, copying text, etc.) from PDFs. This website unlocks PDF Files that requires Password to be viewed. The main feature of the tool is to remove restriction from PDF File that allows you to print and edit document.

2. PDF Crack

PDF Crack is a Windows-based tool that supports Windows 7 also to recover lost PDF passwords. PDF Crack is the best pdf password cracker which is free to download and use. It is a command tool to remove the pdf Password.

3. PDF Password Remover tool

PDF Password Remover tool is a simple tool that can be used to decrypt password protected PDF files which have their “owner” password set. PDF files with the owner password set would prevent viewers from editing, selecting text, printing and otherwise changing any of the pdf properties such as form fields etc. This PDF Password Remover tool will decrypt and remove owner passwords from any PDF document.

4. Free PDF Unlocker

Free PDF Unlocker is a simple and useful application that can remove all kinds of restrictions. It works by removing passwords that restrict access in two areas. One is for passwords that restrict some functions such as printing copying and pasting. The second is any password that might prevent you from accessing or opening a PDF file.

Comparison Between Top PDF Password Remover Tools

To compare the above listed PDF Cracker Tools i have created a PDF file and protect it with password “test1234”. Out of all the tools mentioned in the article was not able to crack the password as the service is not for that. Otherwise all other tools successfully cracked the password, but i was not happy with the performance of the tools as they took a lot of time to crack a simple password that doesn’t contain any special character. You can also try PDF Password Remover Tools and share your experience by commenting below.

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