Top Five Software to Secure and Encrypt Cloud Storage

Use of Cloud Storage is increasing say by day. People are starting using Cloud Storage such as Box, Dropbox, and Skydrive etc. to store their personal and confidential data. But are those secure on Cloud Storage, as of now none of the Online Storage is offering encryption and security services out of the box free. But there are many software and encryption software’s that help in solving this security issue related to Cloud Storage. In this article I have listed down top 5 ways software to protect your data online on cloud storage.


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Boxcryptor is a Free for non-commercial use software which works on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android Platform without any issue. BoxCryptor allows you to secure your data in any Cloud Storage service you are using like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive or any other cloud storage provider. BoxCryptor uses the AES-256 standard to encrypt and protect your files. AES-256 is classified by the U.S. Government to protect “TOP SECRET” information. In the Unlimited versions you can add an additional security layer by filename encryption.

Download BoxCryptor 


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Viivo lets you Cloud in Confidence with free, easy Cloud file encryption services for Dropbox. The best part is, if you know how to use Dropbox, you already know how to encrypt files using Viivo! Start enjoying the benefits of free Cloud security right away.Viivo is a tool which is especially made to secure content in Dropbox and it works prefect in all the devices like Mac, PC, Windows, iOS, Android. It is freely available for non-commercial use.

 Download Viivo


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 DataLocker is another tool which can be used to secure your cloud storage. It is very easy to use and doesn’t require a great deal of technical ability to sync all of your Dropbox files. It has got very simple interface in which you just have to drag and drop the files and encryption and decryption process is very simple. It uses a 256 key bit for both cryptographic processors and offers high level of security to the data.

 Find DataLocker


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Cryptsync offers different but useful functionality. With the help of Cryptsync you can manage two folders containing the same content, one has the normal files which you are using and other folder contains the encrypted format of those files. Now suppose you have to put important data on Cloud Storage and want it to be private, in this case CryptSync work perfectly fine as you can upload the encrypted folder with all password protect files on the Cloud Storage. Both the folders remains always in sync which means that if some modifications happens in one folder than it will be reflected in other also.

Download CryptSync


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 Cloudfogger is software which lets you encrypt your data on your local disk before you upload it to the Cloud Storage. This ensures that none of the Cloud storage service lets access to your data. Cloudfogger uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256 bit key to carry out the encryption and decryption procedure of the cryptography. Cloudfogger can be used for almost all the Cloud services like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive and others also.

Download Cloudfogger


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