Top 8 Tools To Help You Brainstorm And Buy Domain Names

After you have picked the product you want to sell, you have to start thinking about a unique domain name for your online business. To help with this, there are several domain name builders available online.

This write-up lists out some of the best domain name builders to help you brainstorm names for your future business.


There are several domain name suffixes other than .com, .net, .org, etc. which many are unaware of. Domianr allows you to explore the other suffixes to help come up with unique new names for your online business. It does an anonymous search on all the domain names on the internet similar to the name of your choice and shows you all the options that you can pick from.



This domain name generator combines the keywords that you input with a set of adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc. at the beginning or the end to give you unique and unused domain name ideas for your website. It also shows you the websites where you can register these names too. The home page gives you brief information about the domain name generator and how it works. The website uses several servers to help give you quick results.


Name Mesh

Name Mesh uses more than 20 generators and looks for domain names both synonymous and antonymous to your keywords. You can pick the style of domain names from long lists of genres and even check for similar words. The website generates better results when you use spaces.



This is a robust domain name generator that might require you to have a deeper knowledge of domain names. When you input your keywords, you get a long list of suggestions, which can be modified according to your needs, with different filters on the side. You can also pick the TLDs (Top Level Domains) of your choice with this generator.


Lean Domain Search

This domain name generator is a simple-to-use tool where you all you have to do is input the keywords. The website will generate thousands of potential domain names for your website based on your input. It uses different types of suffixes and prefixes to give you a broad range of results. There are several options available on the side from where you can select your domain names based on popularity or availability. The website also indicates domain names that are already taken by other businesses. One great thing about this domain name generator is that it give all the results in .com, a Generic TLD (gTLD). With this, you don’t have to worry about your website going unrecognised by potential customers.



This domain name generator claims to generate results just as fast as you type in your keywords. The website is an easy to use tool and shows you whether the gTLDs along with the keywords you’ve entered, are available for you to pick. Along with this, the website also generates a set of random suggestions of domain names. In case the name of your choice doesn’t have any good results, the website also shows you some hacks as to how you can modify the name for a unique one.



With funny puns and a colourful website, this domain name generator is sure to keep your creativity flowing while you think of a name for your website. This tool generates brandable and unique results for your domain names by swapping letters, using phonetics, spelling the word backwards, and a variety of other combinations. This website also shows all the results in .com by default and has a  large list of options for other TLDs. The website links to GoDaddy, where you can buy the domain name of your choice.


Shopify’s Business Name Generator

Other than the domain name generators mentioned above, Shopify has a name generator that can be used by all Shopify customers. The tool makes it easy to identify a name for your website while you build your e-store with Shopify. The generator has a simple format where you input your keywords into a search box, and the tool gives you thousands available results related to it, most of which are available in .com extensions. Shopify is reliable and trustworthy – considering your e-store’s framework  is backed by Shopify, you can safely and conveniently use their domain generation and booking tools to brainstorm and buy your domain name.


Hunting for the perfect domain name for your business can be challenging if you’re not very good with creativity or wordplay. However, with the help of these tools, you can easily come up with enough ideas to help you settle on a unique domain name for your business that both you and your customers will come to love and remember.

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