Top 7 Programs That Will Help You Promote Your Website

Ideally, if a good website usability is thought out and implemented at the stage of creating a new resource. But the reality is far from ideal, almost always it is necessary to amend mistakes on the move, and sometimes to remake from scratch. If you are looking for ways to improve website usability – our today’s article is for you.

The thing that you need, if you already have a website, is to check the usability. In this text, we’ll talk about the basic things that need to be taken into account in order to make the visitors of your site amused by your goods or services.

Our tips upon the question of how to promote a product, on the one hand, are obvious. And on the other hand – not many sites in the web meet all these requirements: 

  1. Laconic design, stylish visual design.

If your site looks like the sites looked at the beginning of 2010, it hardly makes sense to rely on the trust of potential buyers. Web design trends are changing very quickly. It is important for good product marketing. Previously, the principle worked: the more bright and moving – the steeper. Now the exact opposite. Large banners and obtrusive animation only annoy. Site Auditor 3.0.15 Beta – will help you with this! It is a program that facilitates the collection of data for site evaluation. And also use Key Collector – an excellent helper in compiling the semantic core of the site. 

  1. Easy and convenient menu and navigation.

When a potential buyer is on your site, he must immediately understand whether he has got to the necessary place. The user should understand, where to click to come to the section of interest, how to come back if necessary, etc. For instance, you need to order the article, essay birdie will show how to advertise a product. And Xenu Link Sleuth 1.3.8 will help you with this question. This program is for searching for broken links and compiling a sitemap.

  1. Availability of contact information.

Surprisingly, in 2017 large companies have websites without a phone number on the main page. It’s even more surprising that the phone number in the above example is not visible even when switching to the “Contact information” tab. Do you understand that on the main page you need to specify a phone and e-mail or a form for sending an application through the working platform? The button “Order a call back” will increase the probability that a potential customer will contact you. It has a high importance in business promotion, and it will greatly simplify access to contact information on the site Client Market Light is the program for working with clients.

  1. The speed ??of loading pages.

The modern user lives in a hurry. If your site opens longer than 2-3 seconds, the person most likely will not wait, close the tab and leave for the competitor. Take care that such a trifle as a slow download does not hack all the rest of the work to promote your business on the Internet. To optimize this criteria, use FileForFiles & SiteSputnik An application for quick information retrieval on the Internet.

  1. Readability of fonts.

Particular attention should be paid to how easy it is to read the texts on the site. Avoid creativity in this matter: do not write yellow on red, do not use 3 types and 5 font sizes on one screen.

  1. Literacy of texts and display of similar articles.

In addition to the fact that the texts should look good, they should be well written. Texts with errors in literate people cause at least perplexity. When answering a question about how to improve the usability of a site, think: what else can be interesting to the person who is studying this information? Link to materials on related topics. Use the program Advego Plagiatus It is designed to test the texts for uniqueness.

  1. Search on the site and adaptation to mobile devices.

Allow users to search for information on your site by keywords. Make the search accessible from any page of the website. This will increase the average time spent on your portal and increase the loyalty of potential buyers, which is important for products and services.

If the web version of your working service and promotional products are made great and on the smartphone. you need to increase the text to at least something to read manually, you will never win a battle with more advanced competitors. Now almost half of commercial inquiries people enter through mobile devices, and to have a website design that is not adapted for mobile is a crime against their own business. If you have not \\acquired a mobile version, start to promote your website.To improve your positions in the list of similar articles, use the AllSubmitter Version 5.8 program. The main purpose of AllSubmitter is semi-automatic and automatic registration in search engines, catalogs, ratings, etc. The program comes with a good base of catalogs and ratings and allows you to create your own database later.

A couple of minutes ago you did not understand how to improve the company’s website? Now you can take the first steps to improve website usability and get visible results in the near future.

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