Top 7 Productivity Tools for Freelancers to Save Time – Managing Your Work and Meeting the Deadline


Are you losing a lot of time? Some of your minutes are lost because of the minutes you spend on Twitter and Facebook. Or you have to spend more time on your household chores. 

Freelancers get paid in different ways either on a project basis, hourly, or per day. For the project basis, it does not matter how long it will take you to complete the tasks as long as you forward it with quality. But, for the work that is billed hourly, you need to complete it on time expected by your client. 

Most freelancers keep track of their time for their personal accountability. To help you out in boosting productivity, here are seven tools to help you manage your work and complete them on time.

It does not matter how you divide it, time is money, and these two are essential for every freelancer. 

  • Todoist

Confused which task to do first? Let this task management app help you list down your work. Todoist is a beneficial tool for busy freelancers and even for online business owners. This tool will help you organize, categorize, and tag tasks, so you will have a more unobstructed view of what job you should do first and when. 

Collaborating with anyone is easy, thanks to this app. Sync all your Todoist lists on your devices so you will be reminded of the things you need to do. 

  • Pocket

Getting back on the articles you need may use up a lot of your time. To avoid such a waste of time, you can bookmark these articles so you can quickly get back on time at any time. The Pocket tool is a reliable bookmarking tool that can save articles, videos, and any webpage with just one click. 

No time wasted with this tool as you do your research. You can sync them automatically on your tablet, computer, and phone, so you can quickly revisit your saved pages anytime. 

  • Google Keep

The counterpart of Pocket in Google is Google Keep. It is best to use this while browsing the web. You can easily find and save the quote, web page, or image that you want to save later, just right click and save to Google Keep. 

You can also sync all the pages you bookmarked on your devices. Adding notes and labels on it before saving them is possible. This will keep everything organized, and you can easily access your content for later use. You can use Google Drive to save your work and prevent loss in case your laptop or desktop encounters problems. 

  • Timenotes

Timenotes is a tool that organizes your projects and tasks into boards. The app will tell you what is being worked on, what work is on the process, and who is working on it. To make this very efficient, you need time tracking for Trello. The key here is time, and if you were not able to track each task, then Trello would not be as efficient as it should be. 

  • StayFocusd

Freelancers should have this helpful tool. Are you spending hours visiting websites that will help you complete your tasks? Sometimes after spending a lot of time researching, you end up on useless and unreliable sites.

StayFocusd will limit the amount of time you will be wasting on useless websites. Whether it’s BuzzFeed, Facebook, or Wikipedia searches, the tool will cover it and direct you back to your work. 

  • Auto Text Expander

Most freelancer writers type fast as they have been doing it every day. But are you soon enough to complete your task at a time and double your output? You can reduce your time spent on writing on your next assignment and boost your rate per hour if you are working hourly. 

The Auto Text Expander will help you type faster, and you don’t need to enroll in a typing class to achieve the speed that you want. 

The tool will create shortcuts for the common words or phrases you use every time you type. Input the shortcut, and it will instantly expand into a full sentence, thus save you time and commit less typing error. 

  • Momentum

Sometimes you lose your connection unexpectedly and close the browser accidentally. 

Freelance writers are very much aware that focus, completing the work on time, and be productive is very important. But each time you open the browser or new tab, you get distracted and divert your focus to other things. It is best to have something that will remind you to stay on track. 

This is what Momentum does. Each time you open a tab in your browser, the tool will remind you that you need to finish something.

Rather than seeing a completely new tab, Momentum will display a daily photo, quotes that will motivate you, and remind you that you of the task you have to complete for the day. 

Final Thoughts

The seven productivity tools for freelancers will surely help save time and help you complete more tasks than usual. Check some of these tools and use them for your next projects. You will be able to discover which one will keep you from getting productive. Select the apps that will provide a solution and help you complete the work to save time, get more done, and earn more every day. You can share your ideas and suggestions by commenting below. 

Author’s BIO: Lori Wade is a journalist from Louisville. She is a content writer who has experience in small editions, Lori is now engaged in news and conceptual articles on the topic of business. If you are interested in an entrepreneur or lifestyle, you can find her on Twitter & LinkedIn. She has good experience and knowledge in the field. 

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