Top 6 Tips To Design Great UI For Mobile Apps

Apps are here, apps are there, they are everywhere. But, do you think if you deploy an app, it will be everywhere that easily. The users these days not just use the apps, they use only great apps. The first thing the user looks for in a great app is an appealing design. On one side there is style and design and on the other side, there is the way both these function. A great app is the one that makes the balance between both of those. If you are looking forward to these ways of creating a balance for an aesthetically appealing mobile app designing, I can make your work a bit easy. Here are some of the top tips for UI designing.

  • Correct Size Graphics

Developers tend to follow just a simple and single thumb rule ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to graphics. Even though most developers follow this rule since long, this is not correct. Well, resource management would be a lot simple with this rule but it will negatively impact on the visual appeal of the app. To make the app look at its best, the graphics must be customized according to the specific devices and their screens. 

  • Fully Responsive

By all means, a user interface must be fully responsive on all the mobile devices with different size and all the operating system. Whether it is about the media queries or it is about JavaScript or CSS, everything that affects the aesthetic appeal of the app must be taken care of properly.

  • Favorable Format

User encounter that the apps hang while loading the big graphics file. Well, it’s not because of the incorrect size of the graphics but the incorrect format of the graphics. As a developer, you must be aware that Android is compatible with the JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and WebP. If your app is more about lossless images then PNG is a more suitable format. If the app needs changes time and again, JPEG will be considered to be a better choice. Android’s stretchable graphics is also supported by Nine-Patch. It would be a good fit when it comes to downloading size and storage.

  • Color Picks

Color picks are at the core of mobile UI designing. Try and use subtle animations for showing the transition between the screens. Integrating color differentiation is also a good choice for showing the state changes in the app. This will add a professional look to your mobile app. You can also try fading screen between the activities which are subtle and sophisticated. A change in button color is also a sign of good UX as it clearly signifies the user that their action has been completed.

  • Round Corners

In most of the mobile apps, the buttons or the ImageView displays will have a rectangle corner on the screen. Just because most other follows doesn’t mean you have to do the same. As a mobile app designer, you have the creative liberty to make your own tweaks. Try rounded corners, it will add a soft touch to the look which will be more like a web app which is more comfortable to the users. 

  • Balanced Shadowing

The latest Android versions entail with 3D icons, holographic styling, and such other things. If you are integrating the drop shadows in your app and such other styling controls in the app, make sure to maintain the consistent lighting. There must be a consistent shadow orientation on the screen. It is also the same with the gradients. Make sure to feed the consistent values in the graphics editor to avail balanced textures and gradients.       

Try these tips and see the difference in your mobile application design. If you have a project manager or a boss or a client not approving your design, implement these tips. Integrating these things into the mobile UI will definitely make a significant change in design. The user and the client both the sides will fall for such visual treat. Some other generic things affect mobile UI. Take note of them while designing.

  • Limit the inclusion of content in the app. Too much content can be a turn off for the users.
  • Make sure you are not copying from others. Taking inspiration and ideas is fine but imitating someone’s design entirely is a bad sign.
  • Display of numerous products on a single page is also a drawback for app design. The app should not look clumsy and messed up.

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I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, mobile app development company which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development, and app marketing.

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