Top 5 Websites to get Free Mobile Recharge in India

Want to get Free Mobile Recharge? Now I know you will never say NO, so in this post I am going to tell some of the websites offering Free Mobile Recharge. Some of the services are like lottery system in which you mobile number digits play the role of lottery ticket and if you are lucky enough you will get Mobile Recharge at no Cost Absolutely Free and Some of the websites offer free recharge if you are willing to do some work like online registration, form filling etc. 

How to get Free Mobile Recharge in India


Free Mobile Recharge with is the site which offer free mobile recharge if you are lucky on the day. You can get recharge from Rs. 10 up to Rs 100 depending on your kismet (Luck) and mobile number digits. Using this service is very simple, you don’t need to any registration SignUp just check your mobile number in the text box and click ‘Check’ button. It will show whether your mobile number is eligible for any free mobile recharge on that particular day as lucky digits keep changing every day. 



Free Mobile Recharge with

TrackMobile works same as and it offers free mobile recharge (worth Rs.100 / Rs.50 / Rs.10) if the last 5 / 4 / 3 digits of your mobile number falls under the “Todays Offer Number” displayed on this page. The offer number will change daily inorder to give more opportunity for trackmobile customers to get the free recharge offer.

 3 Freetalkie

Free Mobile Recharge with offers free recharge for completing some offers that are listed on the website. Complete steps to get Free Mobile Recharge from are listed down

  • Register on FreeTalkie 
  • Login to FreeTalkie’s Account 
  • Participate in offers – After login, click on “Fill Wallet” to participate in offers and earn FREE Recharge. Participation in offers takes 30-40 seconds only and will get you Rs. 2 to Rs. 10 per offer. While Participating in any promotion please make sure that you are entering correct information in the form. After successful participation amount for that promotion will be credited to your FreeTalkie’s Wallet. You can check your earn amount by clicking on My Wallet.
  • Get Free Recharge – Once you got sufficient balance in your FreeTalkie wallet you can request for mobile recharge by clicking on Free Recharge. While requesting for free recharge please make sure that you have enough balance in your FreeTalkie’s wallet and the recharge you are requesting is available for that particular operator.


Free Mobile Recharge with

If you like playing games online, then this is the website for you. Leave playing games elsewhere and start playing games on to get free mobile recharge. You get minimum recharge when your account reaches Rs. 10 and you earn points for every game you played on the website. You also get Rs. 2 as joining bonus on


free mobile recharge with

There are other services such as that are offering redeem options in which you will get RF points every time you carry out any of the following activities and get the points redeem as free mobile recharge.

  • Every Recharge you do
  • Every Friend you invite
  • When you register

Try this services and share your experience with us by commenting below


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