Top 5 Ways Social Media Has Changed The World Today

Social media isn’t just draining our souls and ruining our society as we know it today, it’s actually changing the world in many ways for the better.

Social media has brought people together in a very overall sense.  If we didn’t have social media today there would be a major lack of communication and many people would feel very disconnected from each other.  According to ProvenSEO Blog, social media has allowed families to explore different parts of the world without having to stay together the whole time, it’s also brought relationships together as well.

In this article we’ll be discussing very specific ways social media has changed the world we live in today.  These changes might be subtle to some who have grown up with this new technology, but for those who remember the times before social media changing everything, this article will show you the differences social media has made on many fronts.

Our aim for this article is to highlight the good that has come from this technological advancement, many of these advancements of which have reshaped the world as we know it today.  Social media has shaped is in a way that is unlike anything else in the world around us.

  1. Makes People Strive For Individuality

Everything from social media marketing to personal marketing on social media has shaped how we see each other and the brands we love.

Social media has changed not only how we dress and go about our day to day, but it has made us strive for individuality as well.  This is such an amazing thing, because not only has social media encouraged seeing more of the world around us, it can also mend broken connections between families as well, to keep them together for a long time even if they aren’t in the same location.

When people feel like themselves and are able to find that unique quality within them, it not only encourages them to create and forward that unique feeling, but it will also encourage them to expand and find more people who match up with their ideas and interests. Even social media influencers have become a thing, someone who builds a following just for themselves.

  1. Helps Us Learn More

Social media has been a huge turning point in many areas of the world, a tool for education and learning.  Many schools located in many places have used social media as a tool to help with education on a daily basis. Some places have even been known to use YouTube videos as a sort of extra education in low income families. 

This has opened up a whole new world for people who don’t have much and can’t afford college at the moment.  Social media has allowed individuals to know a clear direction in their life of where they want to go and what they want to do with their lives.

This also will help introduce people to new brands and businesses, it keeps companies relevant simply because of how easy it is to find and explore new companies.

  1. Talking Through Photos

For those individuals out there who are not the greatest at communicating face to face, social media has give us a new tool to be able to communicate through images and text.  But most of all we can communicate how we feel through selfies and other body language that we wouldn’t always feel comfortable doing when it comes to doing it in person. 

With platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, the ability to upload an image for only 24 hours just to show people a look into your day is a great way to communicate and involve other people.

  1. We Live In Social Media

We spend so much time involved in social media, it’s no wonder it’s basically like a second home to us.  With how much we spend dedicating our time to social media platforms and communicating with people we love, this has completely shaped everything about our world, across generations as well.

Social media, although it’s not a physical place, many people have viewed social media as such just because of how much time we spend on the platforms we know and love. We live in social media and it makes us happy because of how connected it makes us feel. That connection can’t be replaced with anything else we have today, which is what makes the social media change a positive one.

  1. The Meme Culture

Yes, even memes have changed the social media world we all know so well.  The culture of making a joke out of most things and actually bringing light to issues in a way where people can relate to it and be motivated to make a change.  While most of this meme culture has been positive, there are bad things that occur that can make this community a bit more toxic.

But overall this sense of creativity has allowed more people to get involved in social media and finding groups of people online that understand what makes them laugh, cry, or even just think.

Meme culture has almost acted like a coping mechanism for the masses when it comes to facing a difficult situation.  This culture allows individuals to change how the see the world and what they choose to do about it as well.


Social media is a unique change in the world.  Nothing else in the history of mankind has brought together so many people all over the world, when they haven’t even met face to face before. 

Hopefully this article shed some light on the world we live in today and how social media has changed almost everything we thought we know.  This is a world where almost anything is possible right at our fingertips.  It’s a world many have only dreamed of and it’s become the new normal for many individuals. This change is exciting and new for everyone involved.
How has social media changed your life? How has it shaped the way you live today?

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