Top 5 Successful SEO Strategies For Promoting Your Website Or Your Blog In 2016!

SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most effective Internet marketing strategies, and by using a wide variety of different SEO strategies and techniques, a website owner can consistently drive a large amount of highly targeted organic traffic to their website from the search engines.

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High Quality Link Building

One of the best SEO strategies is building high quality backlinks. High quality backlinks are much more valuable than those that are deemed to be low quality by the search engines, and the more high quality backlinks a website owner builds, the higher their website will rank in the search engine results pages, or the “SERPS,” for targeted keywords.

In order to build high quality backlinks, a website owner should focus on establishing backlinks on webpages that have a relatively high pagerank. A website’s pagerank is given a rating that is on a scale from 1 to 10, and 1 is the lowest pagerank while 10 is the highest possible pagerank. One backlink that has been established on a webpage with a pagerank of 5 is much more valuable than 1,000 backlinks that have been established on webpages that have no pagerank.

When establishing high quality backlinks, it’s also important to consider whether or not a webpage is relevant to the content of the website. Relevant backlinks are much more authoritative than those that are not relevant, and relevant backlinks will usually pass much more link juice to the website.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is a vital component of any comprehensive and complete SEO strategy, and by optimizing the design and the content of a website in order to rank high in the SERPs for targeted keywords, a website owner can ensure that they are maximizing their SEO campaigns.

In order to implement successful on-page SEO strategies, a website owner should first determine which keywords and keyword phrases to focus on. Once a website owner has selected these keywords, they should ensure that the keywords are frequently used in the webpages that are on their website.

Each webpage can focus on different keywords, and by focusing on different keywords on each webpage, a website will likely receive organic traffic from the search engines from searches for many different keywords and keyword phrases.

Submitting A Website To Many Web Directories

Web directories can be valuable tools for SEO, and by submitting a website to many different web directories, the website can gain a significant amount of authority. While submitting websites to web directories is a relatively old strategy, it is still very effective.

When submitting a website to web directories, it’s vital to ensure that the website is submitted in the correct category, and when submitting a website, a website owner can create a description of the website and choose keywords for the listing.

Consistently Posting New Content

Consistently posting high quality content on a website is a vital component of any SEO campaign. By consistently posting new high quality content on a website, the search engines will know that the website is fresh, and in addition, the information and the content that a website owner posts should be relevant to the subject of the website.

When a website owner posts new content, they should ping the webpage that the content is on. By pinging the webpage that the new content is on, the webpage will be indexed by the search engines very quickly.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a very effective strategy for generating traffic from many different keywords and keyword phrases, and as more and more people log onto the World Wide Web from their mobile devices, many more people are frequently searching for local keywords and keyword phrases.

Local SEO strategies can generate a large amount of traffic from a certain geographical area, and in addition to their potentially high search volume, the competition for many local keywords and keyword phrases is relatively low. With relatively low competition for these local keywords, a website owner can drive their website to the top of the SERPs for targeted local keywords and keyword phrases very quickly.

There are many SEO strategies that can help a website owner to effectively promote their website or their blog in 2016. Some of these include high quality link building, on-page SEO, submitting a website to many different web directories, consistently creating and posting high quality content and local SEO strategies and techniques.
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