Top 5 Selling Mobile Phones Of 2014 in India

There is a wide array of Mobile Phones in the market. Each of them has something different to offer to their users. After a regular interval they keep on coming out with some new, new features and specialized versions. As I wrote earlier there are numerous well performing mobile phone brands in the market in India.

Some of you may like Blackberry, some may prefer to go with Samsung, others may rely on Motorola while at the same time some stylish and tech savvy guys may go on hunting for iPhone from Apple.  It all depends on their individual likings and preferences. Apart from personal preferences there may be some other criteria too, which plays a crucial role in the decision making, such as budget and requirements of the particular buyer who is actually going to buy it. If a person wants to buy a cell phone for meeting business and professional needs, then anyhow he will be forced to go for high end utility phones.

So if you are going to buy a mobile phone in the near future then apart from your individual fondness, also try to base your decision on some other factors like the hardware and software specifications of it. Look at the exact features of it.

Still if you are not able to reach on final decision, then try to go for the public opinion which is always correct and never biased. Below I have named the top 5 selling mobile phones of 2014 in India. You can take a clue from it and make your own judgment based on it.  Please check their names.

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Top 5 Selling Mobile Phones Of 2014 in India

1. Moto G

It was launched on 6th Feb 2014 in India, exclusively on Flipkart at a price of 13,999. Now its Price is Rs 12,999 with 16GB Memory on Flipkart. Despite one year of its release in the market, it is still flying high! It is one of the most sold mobiles in India in 2014 and Flipkart has a greater role to play in that.

2. Moto E

It is one of the latest entrants in the Motorola family. It price is Rs 6,999. One of the best performing phones in low budget. It is dual SIM with 1GB RAM, touch screen of 4.3 inches and Android v4.4 OS.

3. Samsung Galaxy S5

It is rated as the top most performing mobile of 2014. It’s true that it doesn’t scores much high in design as Samsung hasn’t gone further with it but overall it is extremely powerful with an amazing screen and long going battery. Its price is Rs. 34, 100.

4. Apple iPhone 5S

“You are powerful than you think” this was the ad which truly mesmerized millions and billions of mobile lovers throughout the world and it is still ruling on. In fact iPhone 5S fever started spreading among the masses much before it launched.

5. Lenovo Vibe Z

This occupies a safe position in the list of best selling mobile phones of 2014 in India. It features 2GB RAM, 13 megapixel rear camera and 16 GB internal memory and 2.2 GHz processor.

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