Top 5 Rising Electronic Cigarette Brands

There are currently over 500 e-cig brands worldwide. With each brand touting its own unique advantage and superiority over the rest, it is hard to determine what brand is the best. To help you with this, we have curated a list of the top 5 brands globally.

We picked these based on factors like the form factor, flavor quality and variety, type of cartridges, etc. In this article we cover the top 5 rising brands. For a full guide on the best e-cig brands that are currently offering the best products, read Ecassoc’s Best Electronic Cigarette Brands & Reviews 2018 – E Cig Review Guide.


V2 is one of the oldest and most recognized brands in the vaping industry. Having been in the market for some time, the brand has grown to become an innovator in the space. V2 carries a wide range of options suitable for beginner vapers all the way to the most experienced.

One of the key advantages of the V2 vaping experience is they have crafted it to be as similar to smoking an actual cigarette as possible. This makes it appropriate for those using it to quit smoking or those looking for a less dangerous option to smoking cigarettes.


Vaporfi is another established player in the vaping industry that has cut a niche out by providing a substantial inventory of vaping pens, tanks and mods. The brand makes the list due to their continued innovation in their products as well as a wider push to make vaping more mainstream.

In addition, the brand recently got into distribution partnerships with other upcoming brands, offering more options for the discerning vaper. Vaporfi boasts over 30,000 e-liquid and vape juice blends, something that will keep even the most demanding vaper happy and satisfied for a long time to come.


Juul is the darling of the jet set crowd of vapers. Its trendy design and low-profile form factor make it a favorite with young people especially because it is easy to conceal. In addition to this, its high nicotine content (up to 10 times the industry standard) has turned it into one of the more successful brands.

Due to this high nicotine content, a vaper only needs to use one pod per day to get their nicotine fix. One major downside of the brand is the heightened possibility of getting addicted from the high nicotine levels.

South Beach Smoke

Cool and laid back, the South Beach Smoke brand has risen in prominence as an alternative brand for starters and aspiring vapers. Delivering a mild hit with subtle flavors to the back of the throat, the brand is considered a suitable place to start on the vaping journey.

Another feature that makes the brand appealing is the price point of its starter kits. With low prices and high-endurance batteries, the brand stands out as a bargain. However, as with most budget brands, overall quality may suffer over time if prices remain low.

Halo Cigs

Marketed as a premium brand, Halo Cigs occupy a market niche of their own because of their product quality and aggressive pricing. The brand has won some awards for their quality of product and so has the confidence of both critics and proponents, a unique status that most other brands do not enjoy.

The brand also offers fewer options than other brands, making it easy to pick a package that works for you. This approach, unlike other brands, allows Halo Cig to deliver the best possible vaping experience to its customers.

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