Top 5 Questions that you should ask Cloud Storage Websites

People are now using Cloud Storage more and more and earlier in the article we discuss software that can help secure your content over the Cloud storage. Using that software will protect your data from unauthorized access, snooping, modification etc. But have you ever consider that what if the employee of the Cloud storage company might look into your data or modify the data or something happens and you lost your data. There are lots of questions that come to our mind when it comes to protecting our important data. In this article I am going to put top 5 questions that you should ask the Cloud Storage website before uploading your data on their server.

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How much safety is provided to my Files?

This question considered the safety of my files on the server cloud storage services. Safety means if someone tries to look into my data then to what level safety is provided. There can be many sub questions that comes under this like is there any encryption method used while storing the files, what happens if files are lost due to some accident or natural disaster like earthquake. Normally most of the service providers use high level of encryption software to safeguard the files and data are stored on multiple locations which is in sync with each other so that if any mishap takes places backup of the data can be uploaded and made available to you.

Can Online Storage personnel access my data?

It mainly depends on the service provider but it is main concern for many of the persons while saving the data on cloud storage. In most of the service providers high level of encryption is used before data gets uploaded on the server, so it almost impossible for the employees to understand anything inside those encrypted files and folders. Normally some high level personnel may have some information regarding Meta data of the file and they needed that to store them more appropriately based on the type, size and many other factors.

Will my files get deleted automatically with deletion of my Account?

This is the thing that you should clear with the service providers before start using them. As it happens in our systems also that with the delete of our data, actual data is not erased until something is overwritten or we do the complete forensic wiping of the disk. Same if the case with the Cloud storage, your data will not get deleted immediately with the deletion of your account. Instead of deleting data it is put into garbage collection and within some specific time period entire garbage is wiped out. Get it clear before uploading some confidential data on the server as it happens earlier that important information is extracted from garbage.

What happens to my data if service shutdown operation?

This question is same as we ask before investing, like depositing the money in a private bank most people ask what happens to my money if bank close operation. Same apply to cloud storage also that what would happen to my data if the service closes. Will I get the chance to take backup of my data or Cloud Storage server completely wiped out the data or not. Well both the things are necessary, firstly you should get enough time to download entire data and secondly service providers should not have a single bit of your data after they close down.

Is there any payback of data loss?

This is like getting insurance claim, but in online media your data is like money or asset and you should ask this also. Most of the service providers take care of your data and ensure that nothing happens to your data but still you should ask them if in case something happens to the data whether deletion of access by their employee or any other by any other means your data is compromised then what is they will do. Whether they will payback which I doubt they do or they recover your data which is more likely the outcome but you should clear this question also.

Ask these questions and share the response you got from Cloud Storage Services.


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