Best Open Source HR Management System

Open Source HR Management System – Every Organization needs a better and efficient HR Management System. As the name suggest HR Management Systems are used to manage the Resources in the organization. Any HR management System includes different modules for personnel (leave, time & attendance etc.) and organization (recruitment, training, benefits, performance etc.) information providing multiple access. Big organization outsource the work to IT Firms for deployment of HR Management system. But Short business houses, organization, Colleges etc. can’t afford to spend large money so they continue to use the old system of keep up the Human Resource Data. But there are Open Source HR Management System available in the market that are free to use and very simple to implement in any organization. In this post I am going to share a list of Top 5 PHP Based Open Source HR Management System.

Best Open Source HR Management System

Top 5 Open Source HR Management System

1. SimpleHRM

SimpleHRM is an intuitive, easy-to-use and affordable Open Source HRM solution for Small and Medium Enterprises worldwide. It provides many features like Employee Information, Leave, Travel, Benefits, Expense Management etc.

SimpleHRM Open Source HR Management System

2. OrangeHRM

The OrangeHRM Open Source system has an array of modules, all in one application that fulfills your main HR requirements. OrangeHRM offers a flexible and easy to use HRIS solution for small and medium-sized companies free of charge.

OrangeHRM Open Source

3. IceHRM

IceHRM Manage your employees easily with a robust and efficient Human Resource Management System. iCE Hrm offers you a feature rich hosted solution and freedom to host your own instance using opensource version. IceCRM System

4. WayPointHR

WaypointHR is an Open Source human resource database, providing organizations with a free, immediate and flexible Human Resource Management System (HRIS). WaypointHR is a robust and scalable HRM platform used to electronically store staff information, doing away with the need for paper-based personnel files. WaypointHR is free to downloadfree to install and free of charge, with no purchase costs and license fees.

WayPoint HR Management System

5. A1 eHR

A1 eHR is the open source application that meets the HR needs of Mid – Large firms. A1 ehR is a unified system that provides a single system-of-record for employees. Embedded analytics, manager and employee self-service and a user experience unlike any other enterprise application.

A1 eHR System


All the 5 mentioned Open Source HR Management System are very easy to install and use. Almost all have same features like managing employee, payroll, attendance etc. which is very common to any organization large or small. In the coming post I will show how to install and configure Open Source HR Management System.

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