Top 5 Free Android Apps to Quit Smoking – Just Try

Android Apps to Quit Smoking – If you are looking for some free things that can help you quit smoking, then read the following Top 5 Android Apps that will help you and your known ones to quit smoking. The most wonderful thing is that you don’t have to take any medicine or pay heavy fees to Doctors. Just install any of the App on your Android Device and that will help you Quit Smoking. But if you are thinking that without effort from your side these apps will do some magic and make you leave smoking then you are wrong, it is the will power of the person and these apps helps in monitoring the smoking statistics. Basically these apps help in making you follow and honor your will to quit smoking.

Top 5 Free Android Apps to Quit Smoking

Android Apps to Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking 

Quit SmokingQuit Smoking is an application which is designed to gradually wean you from dependency on cigarettes. It is basically a statistics app which keeps up data from experience and data from other users also, and it’s continuously adjusted to your specific smoking pattern. These apps will give you option like ‘Waiting time’ which means it will ask you that can you wait or you want to smoke now and depending on your response the data gets modified and it will you check your effort in Quitting Smoking. 

Ciggie – Quit smoking

Ciggie - Quit smokingCiggie – Quit Smoking is another Google Android Application that makes you more conscious about your cigarette smoking habit, and helps you cut your tobacco consumption, or even quit smoking. Just press the button on Home screen every time you smoke and it will record the information in a database and based on statistics summarizing it indicates if it’s alright to smoke another one. It has some good features such comparison with yesterday, providing average smoking, cigarettes count, average time between smokes and lots more.

Green Quit Smoking

Green Quit SmokingGreen Quit Smoking is an application for Android which is designed based on the latest smoking cessation research by psychology experts, to bring you a brand new, way to help you restrain your smoking addiction. As long as you want to quit, you can do it. There are “record addiction” and “restraint addiction” two stages. Record stage is that you smoke as usual and record the smoking habits; the restraint smoking stage is that you only smoke when the app remind you too. This method is suitable for all smokers wanting to quit. 

Quit Smoking Log

Quit Smoking LogThe quit smoking application works on logs, this is the app in which you can set target with Smoking Log by gradually reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke daily. Set goals and track your smoking habits easily. View history to track your smoking habits and progress over time. This app also provides statistics about comparison from yesterday, daily smoking average and lots more.

Quit Smoking Now!

Quit Smoking Now!Quit smoking Now can help you quit smoking by keeping up your body change on a daily basis. It actually works like if you decide to quit then you add emoticons about your feeling and create a timeline of your mood. So just follow the timeline and see how your body is changing during the process of quitting.

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