Top 5 Cricket Competitions to Bet On

Cricket is played all year round. Yet, summer is the season when everything heats up and the fans can have the best betting experience, whether it would be on Indian platforms, UK sportsbooks or live betting sites in Kenya. Let’s get to know more about the best events one can bet on. Keep an eye on these 5 competitions to have the maximum results.

ICC Cricket World Cup

Obviously, the most prestigious and famous option is the ICC Cricket World Cup. This event is the most enjoyable on the calendar and the most viewed event of the cricket world. Lots of teams compete for the highest honor. Besides, this gives you an opportunity to bet on every stage including the Super 8, Super 6, semi-finals, and the final. It’s held every 4 years, so make sure you don’t miss it.

ICC Champions Trophy

It’s the 2nd most important event in the cricket world. This tournament is invitational only. The teams compete in the knockout games until the winner gets the trophy.

T20 World Cup

This event was introduced in 2011. It’s still expanding which means that more teams will gradually join the competition. During this event, the teams try to score the highest run totals. The popularity of the T20 World Cup is constantly growing but the excitement is second to none.

The Ashes

Test cricket is often called the true version of the game. Here the heat between the teams of Australia and England is as big as it gets. Lots of the greatest moments in the history of cricket have come from this event. The event has five series of test matches. Those who are holding the Urn have an enormous advantage as they can draw the series to maintain the honor. On the other hand, the losing side adds pressure to the situation and brings even more excitement to the series.

Indian Premier League

This is the most viewed sports event in India. It lasts for all three summer months and united the younger players, Indian players, and international players. The IPL has grown a lot over the last six seasons. Now it’s a very interesting event you can bet on and excitedly observe who wins.

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