Top 5 Android Web Browsers – Comparison

Android Web Browsers Comparison – There are lots of Android Web browsers but which one is the best. Certainly using a Stock Android Web browser is not going to give best performance. There are lots of game and apps that you can use on Android which is also one of the main reasons for the success of Android as Mobile Operating System. Earlier I have also written articles on Android Apps such as Install WhatsApp on PC, Apps to Check Health of Old Android Smartphone, and Apps to Disable Background Service to improve Battery Performance. You may have read earlier also Top 5 Android Web Browsers but in this post I try to compare them with the parameters used by some of the online web services.

Comparison of Top 5 Android Web Browsers

Comparison of Top 5 Android Web Browsers

Top 5 Android Web Browsers

If you go through the Google Play Store, you will find hundreds of browser applications that can be used. But all of them are not good, but how to choose one. In this section I have selected Top 5 Android Web Browsers that are used by a majority of the users and very popular also.

App 1 – Next Browser from Go Launcher

Next Browser - Android Web Browser

Next Browser – Android Web Browsers

Next Browser provides you fast and smooth web surfing experience. It’s a totally free app. Download free and try it now, and you will love it.


  • Custom Speed Dial
  • Tabs Browsing
  • Easy Search
  • Next Voice
  • Next View
  • Browser Extensions
  • Sync your bookmarks 

App 2 – Opera Mini Browser

Opera Mini web browser

Opera Mini web browser

Opera Mini Browser is a web browser from Opera Software USA and it is completely free to install and use. Some of the features of Opera Mini Browser are Speed Dial, smart Page, and Tabs. It is a FAST and EASY to use browser.

App 3 – Firefox Browser for Android

Firefox Browser for Android

Firefox Browser for Android

Firefox for Android is the free mobile web browser that puts the power of the open web in your hands. The official Mozilla Firefox android browser is fast, easy to use, & customizable, with the latest security and privacy features to help you stay safe on the internet. Some of the Features are as follows:

  • Fast – Access, browse, and search the web at blazing speeds
  • Smart – Keep your favorite sites and mobile videos at your fingertips with smart searching, easy-to-use tabs, and desktop-to-mobile Sync features
  • Safe – Make sure your Android web browser stays safe & private with extensive security settings, add-ons, and features like Do Not Track

App 4 – UC Browser

UC Browser - Best Web Browser

UC Browser – Best Web Browser

UC Browser is another Free Android Web Browser used by more than 400 million users worldwide. Some of the achievements of UC Browsers are as follows:

  • Best Mobile Browser Awards 2012&2011 –
  • No.1 Downloaded Android Browser on Google Play in India

Features of UC Android Web Browsers

  • Fastest – smooth Web surfing experience & maximum download speed
  • Smartest – Voice Control, Smart Gestures and Auto Fill make it intelligent
  • Most Secure – Incognito Browsing protects your privacy
  • Save Money – cut data costs with advanced compression technology
  • Watch Offline – Keep your favorite videos from web pages in your phone.
  • Screen Shot – Take screen shots of any web pages and scribble what you want to mark on the shots.
  • Ad Blocking – Intelligent blocking of advertisements in WWW sites without breaking the layout of the web pages. 

App 5 – Chrome Browser from Google

Chrome Browser from Google

Chrome Browser from Google

Browse fast with the Chrome web browser on your Android phone and tablet. Sign in to sync your Chrome browser experience from your computer to take it with you anywhere you go. Features of Chrome Web browsers are as follows:

  • Faster Searching
  • Faster Navigation
  • Accelerated page loading, scrolling and zooming
  • Simple, intuitive experience
  • Open and quickly switch between an unlimited amount browser tab
  • Sign in Facility
  • Browse privately in Incognito mode.

Comparison between Top 5 Android Web Browsers

For the comparison I have tested the Android Web browsers mentioned in this post on different benchmarking sites. I have tested out all the android web browsers on Micromax Funbook P362 Tablet which has 1.2 GHz single core processor and 1GB of RAM. The following results may vary depending on the hardware specifications of the device.

HTML5Test.Com Results

The HTML5 test score is an indication of how well your browser supports the upcoming HTML5 standard and related specifications

  • Next Browser from Go Launcher – 298 and 3 bonus points
  • Opera Mini Browser – 62 and no bonus points
  • Firefox for Android – 421 and 14 Bonus Points
  • Chrome Browser – 410 and 11 Bonus Points
  • UC Browser – 400 and 11 bonus points

CSS3Test.Com Results

This test checks which CSS3 features the browser recognizes

  • Next Browser from Go Launcher – 49%
  • Opera Mini Browser – 42%
  • Firefox Browser for Android – 57%
  • Chrome Browser – 65%
  • UC Browser – 55%

Conclusion: Out of all the 5 Top Android Web Browsers Firefox, Chrome and UC Browsers give the best results during benchmark testing. But they all need more space and consumes more memory where the Opera Mini browser requires only 1 MB of memory. And during the testing although the Opera Mini browser doesn’t perform up to the mark on HTML5 and CSS3 test sites but I really liked surfing on the Opera Mini browser. After the testing I recommend all the users to use Opera Mini Browsers as the Android Web Browser in their devices.

I really like you to share the results of the Android Web Browsers from your Devices. 


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