Top 5 Android Apps for Aptitude Test Preparation – Helps in Bank, Govt. , Placement Exams

Android Apps for Aptitude Test Preparation – There are so many exams in a student life whether it be a school board, University exams or most importantly recruitment exam. People start preparing for Placement exams from pre-final year starting with going through the subjects. But now there are so many Government Exams like IBPS Banking Exams for PO, Clerks and Specialist Officer Posts and Staff Selection Commission(SSC) is conducting Combined Graduate Level Exam every year. Both IBPS and SSC CGL Exams involves one common section and that is APTITUDE TEST. If you are looking for a placement in Top MNC of India, there also Aptitude Questions plays very decisive role. In this post I am going to share Top 5 Android Apps for Aptitude Test Preparation that will help in cracking Bank Exams, SSC CGL and Placement test.

Android Apps for Aptitude Test Preparation

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Best Android Apps for Aptitude Test Preparation

There are lots of good books available to prepare Aptitude Test but Android Apps is one way to practice questions anywhere and anytime. When travelling in Bus, Metro or car you can just go through different questions to learn methods for solving in quick time.

App #1: Numerical Reasoning Tests

Numerical Reasoning Tests is a very good Android app, developed by WikiJob. It features a numerical test based on those used by employers, which you take under time pressure. At the end of the test, the app shows you how you performed, your percentile, and details all the solutions to the questions you got wrong. It’s easy to use and intuitive. You can select any section and questions start appearing with complete explanation as shown in the figure below:


App #2: Pocket Aptitude

Pocket Aptitude is another Android App that can be used to prepare for Banking Exams, SSC and other Placement Exams. The app has a collection of more than 1000 quantitative aptitude questions. One thing that is good about Pocket Aptitude Android App is that it contains important formulas for each topic. You will get solution with detail for each question just like the above explained app.

Aptitude Test - App 2

App #3: Aptitude Trainer

Aptitude Trainer Android App is a creation from Sati Creations and as the name suggests helps in prepare you for upcoming Banking Exams, SSC Exams and Placement Exams. Chapters such as Number System, Simplification, Time and Work, Problems based on Trains, Time and Distance, Profit and Loss, Problems based on Ages, Ratio and Percentage are covered in Aptitude Trainer. There are 24 Tests for training purpose and one final test with random questions from a whole bunch of 240 questions to judge your Aptitude Level. The essence of this App is to make complicated things simple. One Sample of Question is shown in the figure below:

Aptitude Test - App 3

App #4: Learn Aptitude

Learn Aptitude is a different kind of Android App than the other explained above. This App has more than 250 videos tutorials that covers different sections of Quantitative Aptitude. There are Video tutorials covering topics such as Profit and Loss, Syllogisms, Time & Work, Percentages, Permutation & Combinations, Time, Speed and Distance, Probability , Ages , Averages , HCF and LCM , Square Root , Interest , Logarithms , Ratio and Proportions , Area , Discount.

Aptitude Test - App 4

App #5: Smart Think Aptitude Test

One of the best Android App to start preparing Aptitude for Banking and Other Government Exams. Smart Think Aptitude Test App is designed by iNoesis Technologies Pvt Ltd. The App is different and more useful because it comes with Award System. Well not monetary award but motivational award to keep preparing more and more. I have seen people keep glued to the Smartphone just to clear one level of game like Candy crush. This App is just like that in which if you give 5 correct answer at the end of test, you will get silver award, gold award for 10 correct answer and diamond for 15 correct answer.

Aptitude Test - App 5

So just start with one of the Apps to prepare for Aptitude Test and share more such App by commenting below.

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