Top 4 Google Android Apps to Print from Android Smartphone and Tablet

Printing Documents from Computer connected to a Printer is very easy and don’t need any tutorial or expert to get the job done. But what if you want to print something on your Mobile or Tablet then you need some Apps that can help you Print Documents from Android Smartphone via Google Cloud Print. There are many Apps that can be used to give Print command from Android based Smartphone and Tablet to get Print of Documents from Printer connected via Cloud.

Print from Android Smartphone

Top 4 Android Apps to Print from Android Smartphone / Tablet

Cloud Print

Cloud Print

Cloud Print is the app to support Google CloudPrint Service and since then it has been already downloaded by more than 1.5 Million users. Cloud Print Android App helps you to print files like documents, office files and other files from your Phone to any printer connected to Google CloudPrint service. Features of Cloud Print App are as follows:

  • Easy printer management 
  • Share printers with friends
  • SMS printing
  • Contacts printing
  • Print from facebook, dropbox, google drive, Box etc.

WiFi Print – EasyReader

WiFi Print - EasyReader

WiFI Print – Easy Reader is another Android App that lets you print your files from Android device like Smartphone and Tablet. This app supports more of the image and documents file formats. Features of WiFI Print – Easy Reader Android App are as follows:

  • Manage and view your images and documents
  • Supported images: .jpg .bmp .png .gif .tif
  • Supported documents: .pdf .doc .docx .xls .xlsx .ppt .pptx
  • Manage and view Dropbox images and documents
  • EasyReader converts your .doc .docx .xls .xlsx .ppt .pptx file to pdf file before read it.
  • Printer Wizard automatically searches available network printers and verifies the compatibilities by printing test page.

Easy Print

Easy Print

EasyPrint is also free Android App that lets you print any file from your Android Device. Being Free it is an ad supported print application that allows users to print their documents with their Android devices over the Google cloud. Features of Easy Print Android App are as follows:

  • Ability to work with more than one Google account simultaneously
  • Print documents from different Android devices
  • Get list of available printers of account: status, name, properties of printer
  • Stores list of printers in local storage of device

PrinterShare™ Mobile Print

PrinterShare™ Mobile Print

PrintShare Mobile Print is another Google Android App that allows to print anytime, anywhere from your Android device. All you need is a printer connected to Google CloudPrint service. You can take print of Microsoft Office Files, print of emails from Gmail, image and other files also. Features of PrintShare Mobile Print Android App are as follows:

  • Print a test page to determine compatibility, as not every printer is supported
  • Print via Google Cloud Print at no extra-charge (free, without limitations)
  • Print 20 pages in Remote mode over the Internet

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