Top 20 Must Use WP Plugins for Your Website

Being the best Content Management System, WordPress keeps launching new tools now and then. And keeping with the drift, there plugins are getting better by the day. This year, we have seen more additions to the already incredible line of plugins it boasts.  These plugins are taking bigger strides in respect to the functionality they offer, and more your expectations rise, more easily they are addressed and fulfilled by the extensions of WordPress that just about everyone uses, and still can’t get enough of. Among all the plugins available to the bloggers, there are some that are just unmatched and give you maximum control over your blog. These plugins are testament to the advancement WordPress has made. So, here are the 20 best plugins for your consideration:

Must Use WP Plugins

20 Must use WordPress Plugins for a Website

Facebook Likebox Slider

There is no dearth of social plugins on WordPress. And they are very important as well. But Facebook Likebox Slider takes their usability to a whole new level. It has a great design which makes sure your users aren’t able to ignore it, and offers maximum chance of being ‘Liked’ by your visitors.

WP Google Drive

You have already been told how important is to take backup for your site, but saving it on Google Drive is easier and more reliable.

New Blog Templates

For those who keep building new blogs, New Blog Templates keeps them the freedom to choose between different template styles. It has some great range to choose from.

Domain Mapping

Your visitors can have their own domain name, while they are connected to your network by being its member. So, they can buy domain from you and keep their site as from your site,

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Don’t you already know this one? WordPress SEO by Yoast is by far the best SEO plugin you can get your hands on.

Global Site Search

As the name suggests, Global Site Search helps you index your website better on the search engines

Thank Me Later

As and when your blog receives a comment, this plugin can help you send an automated, but personalized email to the user.


For protecting your blog against spam, there isn’t a better tool than Akismet. Not yet.

Social Sidebar

Another social media plugin, this is a great way to attain more and more followers on your social media pages.

Organizational Message Notifier

Organizational Message Notifier is another plugin to help communication between you and your blog , as it helps you send a message to your visitors

Socialpop: A Social Media Plugin 

Socialpop plugin is a social media empowered plugin that helps you get more likes and shares on your website’s social media pages.

User Role Editor

As the name suggests, it lets you tailor the role of any user and assign them rights based on what you believe right.


They say it is one of the best social media plugin to have ever made its way into the market. install this and get more likes and share son your blog posts.

Contact Form 7

For enabling a contact form on the site, download this plugin

Simple Pull Quote

For drawing attention to the quotes made by you on your blog, this plugin works in a great way..


Jetpack is a dynamic plugin with not one, but multiple utilities. Install it and see for yourself

User Switching

Sometimes you need to switch between different user accounts, and this is your tools to do so.

Google Analytics +

Google Analytics has irreplaceable uses, and this plugins gets you display stats right on your dashboard.

Duplicate Post

Create a copy of an existing post, and take it from there using this plugin


For fully-featured author boxes, this is your best bet. With increasing number of amazing plugins making their way towards you, choose what powers your site the most.

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