Top 10 Online Video Editing Tools in 2022

Video editing software is rapidly becoming an essential investment in today’s digital world. Video editing tools are much needed for posting to YouTube and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You do not have to be a professional editor to understand editing and creating product videos. Fortunately for today’s creatives, an online video maker is readily available. Understanding the types of tools for spending money can be a bit tricky. You must look at the best video editing tools to help you create the best business creatives.

Adobe Premiere Pro

This software is great for professional editing and is one of the best video editors. It carries extensive expertise for photo editing, creating and editing photos in different file formats, and consists of updated features like adjustments, filters, corrections. 


  • Access to a wide range of intelligent tools in our ever-evolving portfolio means that Premiere Pro users can adapt to different needs. 
  • You can create and modify videos in different formats and save the files as you like. 
  • Access to other Creative Cloud apps for easy access to effects, photos, and other tools. 
  • Premiere Pro also provides access to Premiere Rush, an all-in-one app for all devices. This allows users to shoot and edit on their smartphones and publish directly to social channels.


Magisto Online Video Editor Vimeo is one of the easiest editing apps to use. The interface guides you through the process, ensuring that you do not waste time understanding how to use the editor. The app uses AI to create a video in minutes with minimal input. However, you can also take a hands-on approach and edit the video yourself. 


  • Marketing or branding videos with HD stock videos and 25 million stock photos, plus commercially licensed music. 
  • Trendy fonts, transitions, and ready-to-use palettes. 
  • The user interface is easy to navigate. 


InVideo is a highly intuitive video creation platform. Whether creating a business presentation, YouTube intro, or music video, InVideo lets you get professional-quality video quickly, even if you have never edited a video before. You can create using templates, stock footage, and easy-to-use video editors. Your professional videos will be pre-configured, and you can sign up for a free account. 

Social Media Marketers mostly use this software, Solo Planners and Business Owners, Agencies, Drop Shippers, YouTube Creators, Digital Marketers. 


  • It is a very intuitive video editor for beginners.
  • Equipped with over 5000 fully customizable video templates 
  • Over 12 million royalty-free images and video clips with automatic voiceover. 
  • Team sharing with unlimited team members and free users. 
  • Branding presets such as palettes, logos, and fonts are also available to free users. 
  • Priority support 24/7, even for free users, Up to 100GB of cloud storage.

Corel Video Studio Ultimate

This is one of the finest video editing software for users with 360 video powerful color correction and video masking. Performance optimized for all video formats with an excellent user interface and easy features. 

This software is perfect for users of the type CONS Layering the Corel Video Studio Ultimate is version 2022, a simple and immersive video editing tool, perfect for Windows users. With this service, you can convert your movies and clips with smart tools, video masking, premium effects, and color correction. You can also make changes to improve the performance of your video. 


  • Robust and affordable video editing software with a clean, reliable, and easy-to-understand interface makes it easy for people of all backgrounds to get started. 
  • 4K video editing, 360 videos, and motion tracking. 
  • Adding music for subtitles and 3D text is also supported.

CyberLink PowerDirector 365

Ideal for ease of use with great motion tracking and stabilization features. It has ultra-fast rendering, 360-degree video creation, advanced features, and video stabilization.


  • Access to basic social media.
  • The software comes with several great tools for cutting, improving, and adding effects to your content. 
  • The intuitive workflow allows anyone to access advanced features and bring videos to life, making Cyberlink solutions ideal for various users. 
  • You also can access advanced features such as mask designer tools, intuitive motion tracking, and dynamic keyframe controls. 

Wondershare Filmora

Great for editing with plenty of great tools for social media videos that are easy for beginners to use.


  • Easy to resize and customize content for different platforms.
  • Rich free version for testing.
  • Many animations, filters, effects.
  • Despite its relatively low price, Filmora is surprisingly feature-rich, giving you access to motion tracking, custom animations, and more to bring your videos to life. 

Clip Champ

Great for team projects with excellent and easy-to-use templates and tools. It is a clean and simple environment for tracking projects. It comes with cloud media backup and unlimited export. 


  • Ideal for working on a project as a team.
  • Great templates in addition to videos, images, and audio assets.
  • This solution is easy to use and packed with useful features such as access to solutions such as Facebook video ad markers that you can use to create social media ads. 
  • Crop and Cut, Split and Combine, Rotate and Flip, rotate to customize your video to your liking.

Pinnacle Studio

It has excellent add-on options and affordable one-time purchases. You can gain access to advanced features such as motion tracking and split-screen. Well-equipped with a dynamic range of movie production tools 


  • Easy to use, even for beginners.
  • Improves your editing skills with state-of-the-art advanced tools. 
  • Create 360-degree videos, access video masking, and use intelligent object tracking to stay in focus. 
  • The ultimate solution provides powerful color correction, dynamic split-screen video for eye-catching advertising, stop-motion animation, and even screen recording.

Pro X Mac

Great timeline and organization software with access to third-party proxy creation and greater technology performance. It boosts filters, audio effects, etc. It is great for editing multiple file types developed by the Apple team.


  • This solution provides professional video editing, including powerful audio, editing, and motion graphics engines.
  • Magnetic timelines and grouping tools are also great advantages of this system, making it easier to manage your creative work. 
  • Final Cut Pro X has many great tools for viewing video on third-party devices, including various filters, proxy creation, audio effects, and more. 
  • The improved performance of Metal means that video encoding can also be accelerated.

Apple iMovie

This app is the best free video editing app for Apple users, with a great array of editing and filtering features. It is suitable for cross-device editing. 


  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Free to use and is perfect for creating high-quality Hollywood-style videos. 
  • The software includes a variety of HiFi filters for a more unforgettable finish, special effects, and over 80 intelligent soundtracks. 
  • iMovie also features watermarks, background color choices, subtitles, and text boxes. This app should appeal to countless creative minds with an easy-to-use interface that does not take long to learn. 


It is also one of the best Online Video Editing Tool to create stunning videos likes YouTube Intro Videos, Social Media Promotion Videos and lots. You can Download FlexClip to start creating more such videos.


Video editing is a complex area, but you do not have to be a video editing expert to realize your business ideologies in 2022. You can outsource this to a professional online video editor and save four times the time and inconvenience, or you can completely abandon the idea of making a video and lose valuable marketing tools. You can refer to the above-mentioned ten best online video editing tools that your brand and business can get started with.

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