Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in IT 2019

Technology jobs are expected to grow by double digits in the next decade as more human functions become reliant on IT. While more learners and workers are going for tech jobs, it is necessary to target the professions that will give the best returns. With basic it skills, a person can also easily transition into the best paying tech jobs in order to get value for time and skills. 

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Pay for tech executives and workers depend on the specific skills, whether you are employed, or you work as a freelancer. The job could also be paying well today but is overtaken by technology in the next few years. The freelance nature of the IT industry demands an employee or worker who is proactive in the work scene. Here are ten jobs in tech that will see you enjoy the highest remuneration, without having to use credit piggybacking strategy. 

  • Computer Programmer

A computer programmer enters the job market with $44,450 or more. The pay is impressive, considering that most employees in other industries earn far less. By the time you are three or four years into the industry, the average pay will be $79,530. Top programming executives earn an average of $130,000. Programmers work in the IT creative industry, where they provide software solutions through programming. You do not require a college degree as long as you can understand and code using such languages as Java, C++, and the others in the industry. 

  • Mobile App Developer

A look at your phone or tablet will tell you why these employees are earning such handsome rewards. The increased uptake of mobile apps by businesses is also responsible for growing demand. The average pay for a developer is $146.500 within three to four years. Surprisingly, the job does not require a college degree. 

  • Web Developer

A web developer will enter the job market $34,770 and earn up to $116,220 in two to three years. The demand for developers can be attributed to increased online presence by businesses and professionals. The segment is expected to grow by double digits in the next decade. Your responsibility will be to maintain an impressive online presence for the business. 

  • Cloud Architect 

Data and software management is moving from localized centers into the cloud. This is an increasing demand for cloud technology specialists. Hiring a computer science homework specialist helps you to sharpen your IT skills and begin working even before you graduate. You will be the next architect responsible for setting up cloud systems and earning $118,000 in a year or two. 

  • Information Systems Security Manager

Cybersecurity is one of the major concerns for businesses and entrepreneurs. An IT technician with knowledge in security matters will earn in excess of $143,250. You need to be updated on the latest security threats and ways of tackling them. You will forever be learning about internet security issues. 

  • Computer Support Specialist 

Computers and localized systems will always experience issues in the process of use. The computer support technician is responsible for ensuring that gadgets and computers are used effectively. Basic understanding of computers and networks is required. Entrants earn $81,250, with the industry being projected to grow by double digits in the next decade. 

  • IT Research Scientist

Organizations, businesses, and the world are looking for the latest IT inventions. They will pay a research scientist $110,620 median salary to develop the best products or polish the existing ones. You need to be innovative so that the investments made by these companies or entrepreneurs bear fruits. 

  • Software Systems Developer

The position today has employed more than 130,630 professionals. Earnings in the subsector range around $108,760. You need to think at macro technology levels because you will be serving large industries and sectors like the military, institutions, government departments. 

  • Data Managers 

Decisions today are being made based on data. The people who make this data easy to collect and available for decision-makers are earning around $141,250. You require organizational skills because of the sensitivity of data in the world today. 

  • AI architects

These are the employees of the future. Their skills are required online and offline. With an average earning of $119,000, you will guide mechanization of industrial systems and automation into the future. 

Information technology remains the most lucrative sector for the future. It is highly reliant on skills, making earnings more of a personal initiative. Inventions are also opening up the industry with new jobs. 

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