We understand that not all blankets are meant to be used in our beds. For that purpose, specifically, we have “throws” or throw blankets. Some blankets are sometimes used as comfort objects by toddlers and younger children. Grab exciting deals and jaw-dropping offers on this coming Home Depot Memorial Day Sales. They are usually smaller blankets and light in weight that are often found in decorative prints and designs, colors and patterns and can be used for extra warmth and decoration on beds.

Finding the right kind may not be as easy as one might think and for some people a great throw could be a valued possession. These comfy wraps offer cozy comfort in any part of your home and can easily add a hint of style to any room’s decor. Finding a great throw is the tricky bit and is much more than just looking for a blanket with smaller dimensions. You want to pick a throw with the right touch and feel and also the way it looks which will make it more appealing so much so that you want to wrap yourself in it constantly.

Linen Waffle Blanket

These blankets are 58% linen, which makes them extremely breathable. These materials are also very skin friendly and durable making them a good choice material for your wrap. Stone-washed linen boosts the softness of the textile and so does the inclusion of 42% cotton. This material mix creates the perfect balance of comfort and warmth in a soft touch, lightweight blanket. The waffle weave design pattern contributes to an elegant look that lends a regal and unique appearance no matter where you use the blanket. Multiple color options are also available for you to choose from.

Tweed throw blanket

When discussing throws or scarves and blankets one can never forget tweed. Tweed throws have knitted material in the style of tweed that offers a textured feel. The soft polyester microfibers provide an undeniably plush soft feel. They are lightweight and cozy and are specially made for snuggling all-season.

Hudson Bay Point Throw Blankets

These are nothing short of legendary. This classic design produced under the official license of the historic Hudson’s Bay Company these babies are made in England with wool blended from different sources in New Zealand, Wales, England, and India to retain the much coveted, authentic 100% wool construction. These blankets and historic pieces are famous for being extremely warm, water-resistant and durable.

Pure Flax Blanket

Flax is another natural fiber that can be used as fabric material for various purposes. Lots of throw blankets feel soft, but for a distinct feel of luxury, I put my hopes on Pure Flax Blankets. these are made with 100% linen which is derived from the flax plant and usually has a heavier feel that provides constant comfort. Superior breathability makes them a great option for any season and can be used on their own or with other blankets. Pick your favorite to suit your personal décor.

Ultra-Soft Throws

Nothing beats plush ultra-soft throws that are an all-time favorite among connoisseurs of style and patrons of comfort. These are usually fleeces throws that are made with brushed polyester for added softness and loft. It feels like heaven against the skin, and obligingly provides just the right amount of warmth for all-season use. Choose from various designs and sizes that are reflective of your personal style.

Pure Linen Throws

The best combination of look and feel in a throw can only be offered by pure linen throws. Made from 100% linen material these fabrics ensure that you will stay cool when wrapped in it. This blanket is airy and at the same time, the pre-washed linen provides more softness unlike anything else and the thickness keeps the cold away. The look is usually simple and elegant.

Luxury Fleece Throw Blanket

Chilly winters beg for comforting heat, soul food, and warm snuggles. Usually, plush throws that you can carry with you throughout the house offer the last bit. Fleece throw blankets with microfiber outside are extremely soft against your skin do just that. An interior layer of polyester gives extra insulation to protect against the cold. Despite this multi-layered design, you can add visual style whether you’re using it in bed or on the sofa and can drape over your bed or living room furniture.

Plush Loft Throw Blankets

These throws feature dual luxurious sides. They are super comfy with one side having a 310 thread count cotton sateen with a smooth and silky finish. The other side has a thick layer of faux fleece that provides added warmth. These blankets vary in sizes that range from a throw to a king or queen, are machine washable and also come in a variety of colors

Stay Snuggled Blankets

Having kids over for a stay or have kids at home??? Well, I have good news. This is a reversible Sherpa sweatshirt blanket that features soft faux fur on one side and a soothing jersey sweatshirt sort of material on the other. They usually come in smaller sizes and in kid-friendly Grey and Pink colors and can easily add the perfect loving touch to any kid’s room.

Nautical, Anchor, Polar Bear Blankets and more

These quality throws and blankets offer plush warmth and soft comfort with a natural cotton blend. Every blanket is of high quality and designed with the utmost care. Usually available in jacquard woven patterns which make them completely reversible. These quilts and wraps are made with a superior weaving process, are completely machine washable and dryable and will never shed, pill or fuzz with use. As they don’t shed, fuzz, or shrink, these adorable must haves maintain their softness and pattern quality. They are also generously oversized, making them appropriate gifting options for friends and loved ones.

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