Tmart BH160 Wireless Bluetooth Headset – Complete Review

Today I am going to review inexpensive high-tech wireless Bluetooth product – BH160. Recently I received the device from a company called Tmart who sells very inexpensive products. BH160 is a wireless Bluetooth headset price only 9.99 $ with no extra shipping charges worldwide. The headset comes with Ear Hook, which made placing the device on ear easy. You can easily make and receive phone calls easily with this wonderful Bluetooth Headset. In this post you can find complete unboxing and configuration of the Bluetooth Headset with Smartphone.

Features of Tmart BH160 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

As such it is a normal Bluetooth wireless headset and comes with all features that you can expect. But some of the features that I like about BH160 wireless headset are as follows:

  • Easy to configure with the device
  • Small in size and lightweight
  • Sound Quality is good
  • Listening to songs is very comfortable with the headset

Specifications of Tmart BH160 Wireless Bluetooth Handset

  • Bluetooth Version – V2.1
  • Frequency range – 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz
  • Transmission distance – About 10 M
  • Charging time – 3 – 4 hours
  • Talking time – Approx. 7H
  • Standby time – 100 hours
  • Color – Black
  • Compatibility – Suitable for all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones

Review of Tmart BH160 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Below in the screenshot you can see the box I received from Tmart containing BH160 wireless Bluetooth headset. The packaging looks nice and there is no problem in the delivered product.

Tmart BH160 Bluetooth Headset Review

Tmart BH160 Bluetooth Headset Review

Charger is US standard and you need convertible to make it work in India. Bluetooth headset is very light. There is manual also describing how to configure Tmart BH160 Bluetooth headset.

BH160 Headset Features

BH160 Headset Features


I have used the device and it works perfectly fine for me. There is no issue during configuration of the device with my Smartphone.

If you have any query about Tmart BH160 Bluetooth Headset, ask here by commenting below.

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