Best Tips to increase Alexa Ranking for your Website Blog

Alexa Ranking of your Blog is the second most factor after Google Page rank which is looked upon by webmasters. When I have contacted advertisers they often asked about my blog Alexa rank and traffic report from Google Analytics. There is no way to auto increase Alexa rank rather you have to work really hard for that. In the previous article I have discussed Penguin Tool to analyse your Blog traffic after Google Search Algorithm updates. And I have talked about drop in my Blog traffic also, for that I am working day and night to find out the reason and taking every necessary step to rebuild traffic. My first step was purchasing a good SEO Optimised WordPress Theme from Mythemeshop and second is trying to increase Alexa rank. I strongly believed that there is no method to increase Alexa rank quickly, but the factors listed down below are certainly going to help it increase over a period.

Tips to increase Alexa Ranking for your Website Blog

About Alexa is a web information company that ranks each site based on their traffic and other factors also. As your traffic keeps changing and so is the rank changes daily. Sometimes I see that a Blog with higher traffic doesn’t have higher Alexa rank than a Blog with Low traffic. The answer for such variation is Alexa only records those hits that are passed through their system. There are two ways to meet that

  • Your Visitors have installed Alexa Toolbar
  • Your Blog has Alexa Widget

Nobody can ask their visitors to install a toolbar to get higher ranking in Alexa for their Blogs. Second option is the best and easiest way to increase Alexa rank of your Blog.

Top Tips to increase Alexa Ranking for your Website Blog

1. Install Alexa Toolbar

Ask your friends and Blog visitors to install Alexa Toolbar, so that whatever traffic comes on your Blog passes through Alexa system.

Download Alexa Toolbar for your Browser

2. Install Alexa widget on your Blog

This is the most important step that every Blogger should do. This will help your Blog traffic gets counted by Alexa system as now visits will pass through Alexa System. If you don’t have Alexa Widget or Badge go to “Alexa Traffic Widgets” and enter your Blog URL and hit on button “Build Widget”.

3. Claim your Blog on Alexa

As you claim your website on Google Analytics and Webmasters, same goes with Alexa system. It will help you get full control and helps others to know that who owns the website.

4. Write unique Articles

Every Ranking system whether it is Google or Alexa loves unique and well written articles.

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5. Comments and Backlinks

Getting backlink from a Blog or website certainly increase your Blog’s Page rank but it also helps in improvement of Alexa Ranking. Try to get more backlinks from Blogs as most of the blogger have Alexa widget installed on their platform

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6. Get review about your website on Alexa

First you should write a review about your own Blog on Alexa and ask your friends to do so. Once you have some reviews then ask your visitors also to review the Blog on Alexa

Write review of on Alexa

7. Never use Black Hat SEO Techniques

If you use Black Hat SEO techniques than may be you get good traffic and eventually better Alexa Ranks, but it will not sustain for long time. So try to avoid them

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So there are few methods to increase Alexa ranking for your Website Blog. I am following most of them and hoping to get good Ranking in couple of months. If you know any other way to improve Alexa rank of a website do share with us by commenting below.

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