Tips On Using Drip Email To Get The Best Out Of Your Marketing

Over the past few years, email marketing has come up to be one of the most profitable brand awareness creation tools. It requires you to furnish your email contacts with details of your business in a bid to improve traffic.

When it comes to this marketing strategy, there is one tool that manages to be distinct from the rest, the email drip campaigns tool. It focuses on sending messages automatically to potential clients on your contact list. To get the best out of your marketing, we’ve collected a few tips on using email drip campaigns. 

Define and find the audience

It is a known fact that email marketing has the email contacts as its driving force. This means you need to get several contacts to increase the delivery rate and also increase traffic to your business. 

Before sending your first email drip campaign, you need to get the list of email addresses. It may prove to be difficult, though not with the email hunter. An email finder is a marketing tool that helps you get legit contacts from various sites that you may use for brand promotion purposes.

A notable email finder is the one present on, a notable email marketing platform. The tool is noted for its speed and accuracy in getting relevant contacts.

Verify the emails

The selection process when sending emails teds to be very tiresome and each contact is worth the effort. As such all the addresses need to be valid to prevent the delivery rate from going down. Your account also faces the risk of getting suspended or banned if the percentage of undelivered emails goes past a certain limit.

To get rid of obsolete addresses, you need to have an email checker that proves the authenticity of the contacts.

Be sure on timing

Timing is key in marketing and you cannot ignore it when dealing with emails. The scheduling feature within email drip campaigns is probably one of the most important ones as it allows not only automate the workflow but also follow the definite time-template.

To learn when your target audience is the most favorable to emails and be the first to send emails to them. So they will never miss an email from you.   

Get an email tracker

An email tracker is a great statistical and records tool that helps you know how your marketing campaign is doing. The feature shows you the number of messages opened, responses, and also clicks. Such info is important when it comes to mapping your target market and see where to concentrate your efforts.


Email drip campaigns are a sure way of getting to wider reach in email marketing. The simplicity factor of the notion is its main mover as you interact with several contacts by sending the messages. But you also need a few other tools to become the best of the best in email marketing. An email verifier is a key tool that makes sure you eliminate the chances of sending emails to non-existent addresses and an email tracker will always keep knowledgeable of how your emails perform.

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