Tips On Improving Your Youtube Video

As we all know that YouTube is best place to promote online business and it is said that YouTube ranks number three in terms of gaining traffic to the website. Thereby helps in getting business exposure. In Fact it can educate prospects about the products or services. 

Improving Your Youtube Video

Here are few tips on how to improve the youtube videos

(i) The first thing is that, when people see the video. They look for the clarity and sound effects. Make sure that sound level is in very appropriate level. 

(ii) Focus on optimizing the channel, rich keyword description to be placed. Add up website link or social media link. It is no follow but still facilitate to generate many more traffic, which increases the opportunity of sales. 

(iii) Total number of views directly relates to the popularity of the video. This will help to rank better in youtube search result. The videos can be promoted through social media channel, which help in maintaining a steady level of views. 

(iv) Suggest your friends to comment and provide high rating, which indicates the video is interesting. This is also one of the factor how you tube ranks the video.             

(v) The title, description along with the tags has to be posted. The title provided should not only address the video it must also contain rich keywords in it. According to seo point of view, videos wont come up if it is not addressed with keywords. 

(vi) Thumbnail is considered to be the face of video, it has to be attractive and engaging for the visitor. The thumbnail selected must reflect the video content. 

(vii) Videos that generate high spike in views that, will get preferred position. Such videos will be added to “most viewed today”, which in turn attracts the visitors. 

(viii) You can share the videos in all social media sites, which can generate more views and boost up the video popularity.

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