Tips For Safely Betting Online

Sporting events are starting to see a return after a few months of cancellations or postponements due to the coronavirus pandemic, but as many begin to return across Europe and other parts of the world in the coming weeks, a favourite past time of betting online may be more prevalent as fan attendance is reduced and home viewing through television and online streaming become more common. But with so many sites and services, it’s important to stay safe whilst doing so – here are some tips for remaining safe whilst betting online, and ensure you’re getting the most out of your betting experience.

Choosing an operator to play with – There are a huge number of operators to choose from, some very well known and other smaller names that may be new to the market. It may be more important for choosing an operator within the UK too as an initiative called Gamstop had been introduced and recently made mandatory which may restrict some users from gaining access to some services, these sports betting sites aren’t blocked by Gamstop, but if you’re going to choose an operator based within the UK it may be important to know the differences between operators and how location can impact your choice. 

Understanding licensed vs unlicensed – Another important distinction for safe online betting can be found within licensed and unlicensed services – it may be the obvious choice to go for licensed sites, and you’re correct, but as a newcomer, it may be difficult to identify which are licensed and which aren’t. The easiest way to identify a licensed site is to look either at the footer for a license number or even the logo for one of the many licensing organisations, another place that this information is commonly found can be within the about pages too. The most important reason to ensure you’re using a licensed site is so you can be sure you’re getting the fairest and most reliable opportunity.  

Choosing what to bet on – There’s a whole lot out there to bet on – there may be a little uncertainty now as so many sports are moving through a rough patch as some postponements still may be on the horizon – one safe bet currently is found within esports as many are seeming resilient to the effects of the coronavirus largely due to games being played online, but many sites should be very quick to inform any changes to schedules or odds because of this. Be sure to keep an eye on any changes too, to make sure you’re getting the best odds based on what’s happening.

It is always important to mention to always bet responsibly too, during the pandemic it may be easier to get carried away and lose track of how you’re betting – this is being combated in many countries with restrictions to reduce exposure to these sites, but betting safely and responsibly is also an individual practice – if you ever feel you cannot do so then be sure to use the safeguard measures as mentioned above to keep you on track.

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