Why TinyPng is better tool to Compress Images than Wp-Smush.it WordPress plugin

Images are part of any Blog Post, they not give visual impact but allows visitors to understand the content better. Images can also be used in improving SEO score of your Blog but they also increase size of page and loading time. In the earlier post I had already talked about the effect of page loading speed on Blog Search Ranking. Search Engines and even Google AdSense loves faster loading blog. In posts describing how to do a task screenshots are very necessary but too many images can kill your Blog Page loading speed. Initially in the early days of my blogging I didn’t care about it and now I am facing the effect of drop in traffic (See Also: Track Blog Traffic after Google Penguin and Panda Update 2013). I have already started optimizing my earlier posts and one major task is to optimize the images so that I can increase Blog page loading speed. There are two different tools I came across i.e., WordPress plugin which is Wp-Smush.it and a website Tinypng. In this post I am going to share my experience of using both and why I believe TinyPng is better tool to compress images than Wp-Smush.it WordPress Plugin.

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TinyPng is better tool to Compress Images

TinyPng is better tool to Compress Images

How to compress images for fast page loading speed of Blog

There are different ways to compress images so that your Blog loading time can be reduced. Two different ways that I know and used are as follows:

  • Compress images using Tools and Websites
  • Use WordPress plugin to shrink image size

After I realized about the importance of page loading speed, first step was to search for WordPress plugin to do the task automatically. I found EWWW Image optimizer which proves to be good but I was not satisfied. Reason was extra load on the web server which I found out after analysis of web server log files. (Read Also: Detect iFrame injection attack from web server log files). Another plugin I found was Wp-Smush.it which I discover from my favorite Blog shoutmeloud and try that also. I was happy with the performance of the plugin as it is light in terms of CPU usage. But images are not getting reduced as I expected or you can say I see in EWWW Image optimizer. Tinypng is the latest tool (website) that I am using and was suggested to me by my friend Yogi from Hackyogi.com. Below I am going to show the comparison between TinyPng.com and Wp-Smush.it plugin and you can decide yourself the best tool to compress images

Comparison between Tinypng.com and Wp-Smush.it WordPress Plugin

Before comparison, note that TinyPng.com is a website which can be used to compress only png images and Wp-Smush.it supports other formats also. But as most of the bloggers prefer to use png images I have carry out the following comparison based only on png images.

Below is the graph showing original file size and compressed image size for both Wp-Smush.it and Tinypng.com.

Comparison between Tinypng.com and Wp-Smush.it

Comparison between Tinypng.com and Wp-Smush.it

As you can see in the graph above Red line shows the original image file size w.r.t the input and other two lines shows compress image file size. It is clear that Wp-smush.it WordPress plugin compress the images which is shown with sky blue line but compression ratio of TinyPng is more which is shown by Green line.

Conclusion: From the experiment and results shown in graph it is clear that TinyPng is a better tool to compress images than WP-Smush.it WordPress plugin. You should use TinyPng to optimize images before using them on your Blog.

If you feel that there is any other tool better than TinyPng, comment below.

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