Things You Do Online that Can Help You Earn Extra Income

There are way too many things to do in the internet. Thus, many people can spend an entire day in front of their device connected to the internet. Well, did you know that you can actually earn extra income through various things you do online? It is important to be practical these days so instead of wasting time playing online games or stalking your ex or crushes on social media, why not use your expertise to spend your time wisely. In this article, we will share some examples of online activities that can help you earn extra money.


  • Blogging – if you enjoy writing and sharing stories or tips then blogging is something for you. And if your blog has decent traffic and solid followers then you can start monetizing it. Building a good foundation is very important, you need to choose a good domain name and reliable wordpress hosting site and of course high quality content that your visitors will find interesting and useful. You can earn money through ads and paid content.
  • Video blogging – if you prefer producing videos then vlogging or video blogging is for you. Yes, it is like blogging but in the form of video. You can earn through numbers of views your videos will garner. And to do this, you should always aim to produce quality content that viewers will appreciate. This can be fun especially for those frustrated artists or hosts. You can be a star in your own channel.
  • Managing social media accounts – do you always spend time in various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others? Well, why not consider becoming a professional social media manager wherein you will handle clients’ official social media sites to post viral contents, increase followers and basically manage the day to day activities including replying to messages. You can build a career with this.
  • Designing websites – you can also work as freelance web designer or developer to build websites for clients. Many clients look for developers that can build a website for them. This is a good gig since it is easy to do and has high potential to become a regular gig since these clients usually need the site to be maintained. So if you’re the one who created the site then it just makes sense that they also ask you to maintain it.
  • Posting reviews – lastly, you can earn money by posting reviews whether product reviews, game reviews, book reviews and other types of reviews. You can post these on your own website. Many consumers look for reviews before they purchase something so this type of website usually receive high volume of traffic. In addition, you can offer affiliate links or manage ex-deals with various companies in exchange of reviewing their products and posting it on your site.

These tips will help you earn extra income that you can use to pay bills or save for your future. Doing things that you love does not really feel like work and earning money through these just makes it even sweeter. There are many things you can do online and if you really focus then it is easy to find a good source of extra income.

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