Things to Look Out for At the Glasgow Scotland Summit COP 26

Annually, there is a significant international seminar organized to discuss climate change. This year, the seminar is titled ‘’The Summit COP26’” and it provides a platform for participants to discuss a wide range of issues affecting the environment. 

It is important to note that the Global Warming Education Council (GWEC) is organizing the 2021 edition of this summit which will be held in Glasgow in 2021. This organization is headed by Dr. Peter Russel-Muller who is an Emeritus Chair of the Grantham University Environmental Research Centre.

Dr. Peter Russell-Muller is billed to deliver a keynote lecture on the topic “anthropogenic greenhouse gases as a source of climate change” during the conference. This topic will cover the sources of anthropogenic gases as well as the role carbon dioxide plays in climate change. You can visit: to learn more about the organization of the convention and the relevance to environmental development.

Dr. Peter will also deliver a lecture on the topic “geoengineering.” This topic refers to the utilization of geoengineering methods to reduce the impact of climate change. According to the GWEC website, participants will also have the opportunity to listen to other speakers who have been drawn from different countries such as China, Mexico, UK, and India. 

These speakers who include government officials will give a detailed explanation of government effort in managing the environment. 

What is the Purpose of this Summit?

According to a post published on the GWEC website, this summit is organized to create an avenue for people to converge and evaluate sustainable development methods that can protect as well as restore ecosystems. It is also organized to increase knowledge of renewable energy and to suggest methods that can improve the management as well as the allocation of mineral resources.

This meeting is very important hence several environmental and scientific organizations are delegating members to represent them. 

Understanding Major Concepts

Greenhouse Gases 

Greenhouse gases are the gases in the Earth’s atmosphere that produce the greenhouse effect. Some of the most essential greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, and nitrous oxide.  Most greenhouse gases can have either a natural or an anthropogenic (man-?made) source.

For carbon dioxide, the major sources include fossil fuel combustion, cement production, and deforestation. For methane, production of fossil fuel, agriculture, and landfill account for the sources. Fertilizer application, industrial processes, and biomass combustion are the sources of nitrous oxide.

You can learn more about greenhouse gases here.

The theme of the summit is the “Carbon footprint.” Carbon footprint is the total quantity of greenhouse gases that are generated by human actions. It explains the role of every individual in making a difference in the environment. Discussions around this theme will include a review of government policies and recommendations for improvement. 

Global Warming

This is among the major concerns of most people in Glasgow, Scotland, and other parts of the world. Global warming is a gradual increase in the general temperature of the earth temperature which is attributed to the greenhouse effect usually caused by increased carbon dioxide levels. 

Climatologists have warned about the continued rise of global temperatures. With the consequences of this increased rise in mind, climate experts are recommending that people start preparing for any outcome in the future.

Climate experts claim that a continued rise in global temperatures could increase water temperature across the globe up to 2 (two) degrees Celsius. The effects of global warming are numerous and this will certainly affect the world at large. 

How to Manage Global Warming

The following are some ways to manage global warming:

Reduce the Level of Water and Food Wastages

When you save water, you reduce carbon pollution. This is because more energy is required to treat, pump, and heat your water. By implication, you will be required to turn off your tap when not in direct use, take reduced showers, and adopting other conservative methods.

On the food aspect, an estimated 40 percent of energy goes into the growing, processing, and transportation of food. Wasting food will mean that the energy used in the production process has also been wasted. Livestock products also constitute a great deal of resource-intensive foods so cutting down on the consumption of meat will also go a long way to help.

For other environmentally friendly ways to eat, you can check here:

Use Renewable Energy

It is recommended that you power critical places such as the home, office, or even commercial buildings with a utility company that uses solar or wind to generate its power. If complete powering with renewable energy isn’t possible, you can use it to power devices that require high energy.

Use Better Bulbs for Illumination 

Led lightbulbs utilize up to 80% lower energy than conventional bulbs. They also come at a cheaper price. You will find that a 10-watt LED will comfortably replace the conventional 60-watt bulb in terms of performance. 

Speak Up

One of the surest ways to contribute to managing global warming is through the sensitization of the people around you through every available medium. You can use social media to post about it and enlighten your followers. You can also send messages to elected representatives to make new laws that restrict carbon emissions and also request polluters to pay a fee for produced emissions.

These are some issues that are billed to be discussed at the Summit COP26 which will hold between the 1st and 12th of November. You can follow up on news updates when it commences. Additionally, if you need information on the last conference which was held in Madrid, you can read this article to have an idea of what to expect in this year’s edition.


The Summit COP26 provides an avenue for nations of the world to discuss environmental issues such as global warming, geoengineering, climate change among other issues. If you haven’t participated in this program before, this is a good time to be on the lookout for critical factors affecting the environment. 

Through this conference, you will learn so many things that you can share with friends and family. You can also use it as a guide to making requests from your representatives in government. 

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