The Top 7 Tech Accessory Trends of 2018

Technology is everywhere these days. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you probably have a piece of technology within inches of your person. This device can be your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. But while you may always have your devices with you, you might not have them accessorized. The accessories you choose can do more than just make your gadget look good. Tech accessories can be functional as well.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting the coolest and best tech accessories around. However, keeping up with the latest trends can be hard. Trends come and go with each day. The following are the hottest tech accessory trends of 2018.

  1. A Lock Port. Your laptop is a device that you’ve probably spent hours researching before buying. You’ve picked your favorite color, the perfect screen size, and the best memory for your needs. You’ve invested a lot of money into this particular purchase, so the last thing you want is for it to get stolen. That’s why you need a lock port. A Kensington lock can attach to your machine. You can loop the other end around a chair, table, or another object to ensure it is securely in place. You can find all different types online, from ones that unlock with a combination to ones that need a key. 
  2. The Keyboard Protector. A great way to personalize and protect your laptop is to get a keyboard cover. A keyboard cover keeps you from wearing down the letters on the keys and keeps them from sticking. It also protects against minor spills and dust. You can find them thin or thick, colored or transparent.
  3. Laptop Cooling Mat. Another hand accessory made specifically for your laptop is a cooling mat. You want your machine to always run at optimal capacity, but that’s just not possible to do when your device gets older. As the device ages, it can become prone to overheating. To prevent this, you’ll want a lightweight and ergonomic cooling mat. It will keep your computer in the best shape possible for as long as possible.
  4. Headphone Holders. Whether you’re watching YouTube on your phone or listening to a podcast on your tablet, you’re probably doing it with headphones on. Headphones are great for when you want privacy and don’t want to disturb anyone. However, they can be hard to store. Getting a stand for your headphones or a cool case for your earbuds is a great and functional accessory to have. 
  5. A Car Phone Mount. You want to use your phone as little as possible while you’re in your car. However, some people rely on their phone to show them where they’re going. A phone mount is a perfect way to ensure your phone is easy to view and operate when you have your GPS open. You can find two kinds of mounts for your device on the market, and both work well. One is attached through the use of a suction cup on the dashboard. The other is a clip that you attach on to your air vent.
  6. A Phone Case. Your phone case is probably the most important accessory you can have for your devices. There are plenty of stylish ones, like those offered at this website from Casely, that also are engineered to protect your phone in case of a hard impact. You can find all kinds of cases based on your tastes and how thin and light you like your protection.
  7. A Bluetooth Keyboard. A Bluetooth keyboard can come in handy no matter where you are. Whether you want it for your desktop, smartphone, or tablet, a wireless keyboard can make typing much easier. Be sure to find one for your device that doesn’t have any lag, has a satisfying clip, and has a battery that can last for a long time.

The Bottom Line 

Accessories for technology are designed to be stylish and cool. While looking for the best accessory for you, be sure to put functionality over looks. After all, these extra touches are meant to enhance your experience and improve your use of the device.

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