The Top 5 Best Productivity Apps for 2019

Stay productive with these amazing apps. Keep reading for the top 5 best productivity apps for 2019.

Productivity apps are those little pieces of software that transform your workday.

Whether they block distractions, encourage you to take a break, or organize your workday, the best productivity apps help you do more with the time you have.

Looking for an app that will change the way you work? Here are five of the best productivity apps currently available.

  1. Best Time Management App: Blink – Quick Memo

Hate lists but need help managing your time? Try Blink.

Blink stores your reminders and short memos in a non-list format that looks a little like you printed out your brain with Adobe Spark’s label maker.

Blink emphasizes minimalism and simplicity, so it may not be right for complex projects. For that, we recommend Trello.

  1. Best Focus App: Freedom

So many apps try to hold you accountable for the time you waste instead of preventing you from losing it in the first place. Freedom is not one of them.

Freedom blocks all websites and apps that suck up your time and distract your brain.

You can download it on your phone, tablet, and desktop to ban all but the essentials. Freedom also offers “Lockdown Mode,” which means you can’t go behind the scenes and turn off the app. You’ll have to wait until the clock runs out.

  1. Best Project Manager: Trello

Would your work be best described as juggling eight lemons on a hoverboard – oh, and you’re on fire? Try Trello.

Trello is a pinboard that mimics old-school, real-life pinning board.

Add your to-do cards on your board, and schedule them as To Do, Doing, and Done.

You can use Trello for work or at home, and you can even use it as a team with the Business Class or Enterprise subscriptions.

  1. Best Sharing App: G Suite

Are you making the most of Google’s freemium projects? If not, Google Drive is a great place to start.

By uploading your files to Google Drive, you keep everything instantly accessible. You can get records on your phone, tablet or computer, or your friend’s phone. Sharing is also easy, and the G Suite was built for collaboration.

  1. Best App for Taking a Break: Pomodoro

The Pomodoro technique breaks up work into 25 minutes of focus with a five-minute break. It gives you a goal and helps you stick to it. Most importantly, it’s simple to use, and the personal version is free.

In addition to training your brain for peak productivity, the Pomodoro apps encourage you to take a break.

You need time to recover from 25 minutes of work – and your brain needs it. Scheduling that free time to process the information you just took isn’t a waste of five minutes. It’s a chance to learn it permanently and feel re-invigorated when the clock starts up again.

The Best Productivity Apps for Your Work/Life

Productivity apps are game-changing pieces of software that add life to your years and help you accomplish every one of your goals.

We think these five make up the best productivity apps out there. Did we miss any? Share your favorite apps for work below.

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