The importance of organizing day-to-day activities

Managing time better has been a major strain on project managers. According to time management expert Christian Barbosa, 46% of professionals work more than 9 hours a day, with 80% claiming to spend 1-3 hours a day on useless tasks. And why are these useless tasks so time consuming? Because we don’t know how to do effective activity management that really adds value to our work and brings tangible results.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of organizing day-to-day activities so you can better manage your time and not only achieve better results for your business, but more time to devote to yourself. Look:

Why do activity management

When you have no control over your daily activities, you are at the mercy of others, accumulating activities that may even be urgent but not really important.

In contrast, when you order your tasks and prioritize your activities, you know exactly what to do and when, respecting deadlines and giving the necessary attention to what brings results to the company. Plus, by managing activities, you schedule your tasks to be completed within your working hours – which increases your productivity.

How to organize your activities to better manage your time

Managing activities is not as difficult as it sounds. It all depends on the attitude you adopt in the company, whether manager or executor of activities. So be aware of these tips:

Plan your week

By Friday, it is almost impossible to stay focused on high-complexity activities, isn’t it? So how about leaving the last hours of the day to plan your next week? Review appointments, email your team, mark the most important activities on the calendar, and determine how long it will take to complete each one. If you use a shared company-wide electronic calendar, take the time to block the times you want to focus on a major project. This will prevent people from making other appointments for you.

Delegate everything that is not fundamentally up to you

A good manager has to know how to delegate activities. This will allow you to manage your time much more peacefully. Time management software can help you delegate tasks to your team while still controlling the execution and delivery of each.

Disconnect from the world

When you need to focus on a particular activity, disconnect from the world. Leave your phone silent, close any web browser tabs that can’t currently contribute to your work, turn off internal company chat, and put a “busy” sign on your door. Ask someone to answer your phone calls during this time and make notes.

Define (and respect) your work schedule

If office hours start at 8am and end at 6pm, why do you stay in the office after this time? Too many activities or too little activity management? Schedule your activity schedule according to your work schedule and respect this period. Do your best throughout the day, and at 6:00 pm sharp, turn off your computer and forget about work until the next day.

Use technology to your advantage

So as not to lose any ideas or thoughts, use apps on your smartphone that allow you to jot down ideas or even record them. The next day you can resume thinking and develop it without disturbing your rest time. Activity management is a major concern of every project manager as it directly impacts the time and quality of the project.

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