The Importance of Applying Access Control in Your Parking Lot

Security is essential for any business. Protecting your assets, and your clients’ assets, is one of the first concerns of any service provider. Parking lots are in a slightly more fragile position and are somewhat vulnerable for problems to occur within your space. Because of this, access control in your parking lot is so important.

The risks

Parking lots have a slight disadvantage regarding safety. Because of the large amount of people moving in and out all the time, inside or out of cars, it is naturally more difficult to make a tight control of everyone in the courtyard. In this way, criminals can often take advantage of this fragility to steal inside the environment.

Also, because space is often large, it is more difficult to monitor the entire environment, and while cameras help, problems can occur even with your presence. You have to be very aware, for example, of blind spots. These risks may affect both the public itself and your property. Therefore, they must be controlled and you need an automated parking system.

Access control

The immediate answer to this is access control. This is an electronic or physical surveillance method that regulates the people and vehicles that can circulate within the environment. In parking lots, it is essential. Several solutions are used for the implementation of access control by the most varied parking lots. Tickets are the most common and are presented by customers, and validated by the parking lot itself. Another interesting solution is the control of the monthly. As there is a recurring movement, a more rigid and photo registration can help to ensure that access is made only by those who have permission. However, access control is not limited to the identification of users only. Turnstiles, gates and other solutions are critical to ensuring that potential intruders have maximum difficulty entering the environment.

Some safety tips

It is also important to highlight some safety tips for the public and best practices to take within the parking lots. For example, it is recommended to warn users to avoid leaving tickets in the car, as criminals can use them to get out with the vehicle. Due to the large number of cars and people, it is difficult to track each other unless face recognition is used for each customer, which can be quite expensive. The circulation within the yard should also be as little as possible, as well as preventing theft, it prevents accidents, especially with children.

Parking security is critical to protecting both you and your customer’s assets. Cameras and yard monitoring are solutions that operate in conjunction with the access control system to ensure that circulation is by customers and authorized persons only. To do this, you need a system that helps you control your entire parking lot. From vehicle access control, to financial and tax aspects. 

We hope by reading this article, you know how to run the parking lot better. Anyway thank you for reading and good luck!

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