The Flagship Legacy Product – Mining Visualization System (MVS)

The legacy product MVS is a flagship product that provides state of the art analysis and visualization. It began twenty-five years ago, and after the retirement, the company is continuously offering the assistance related to a technicality to the customers along with the maintenance, but no new upgraded patches of the product will be developed. Earth Volumetric Studio has become the successors of the legacy products, i.e., of Mining Visualization System.This is a freely updated model that is provided to the customers of MVS and also provides many latest features which might leave a great impression on the customer.

The MVS model was designed to meet the higher requirements of mining underneath the earth and on the surface assessment. Many environment modelers of advanced research and civil engineers had used the tool. MVS has absorbed the abilities of other products and provides latest powerful features that target the requirements of civil engineers, geologists, planners in mining areas, engineers of environmental studies and the mining engineers with their most demanding need and requirement. There are few MVS salient features which make it a good Geology Software like tunnel cutting, generating a 3Dblock of faults, mine pit modeling, Plume and Ore Body Overburden Plumbing, and many more latest features. There are many examples which can be completed well like

Latest Statistics in Geology

The geostatic module of MVS was utilized in estimating the concentration of gold using the information assayed together. The regions that are graded with gold grades are above the level of 30ppq which a colored ore body is as per the stratigraphy studies. When Twin Peaks get visualized, it shows that the apex of a mineral-rich vein, the depleting cover of the lower ground of the oxygen-rich areas and the anomalies of the surface that extends from the original surface of gold lines.

Assessment of geological sites

The Mining Visualization System was used to analyze, plan and visualize the remediation process of soil at a location which is earlier the site of processing plant of natural gas in the areas of the central region of California.

Bodiesof Ore and Contamination crests

Among the many capabilities of MVS, the important is the computing the bodies of ore or plume overburden contaminant. Using this capability, you can locate the hole required for the extraction of the plume. The geophysical features like slope pit wall and accurate excavation can be considered for the computation.

3D complex Model

The one more ability of MVS is to create the model the toughest relations of physiography. The 3D modeling of complex looking folds, grabens and faults and many other geologic structures that are complex and can be created using Mining Visualization System.

The continuous maintenance support and technical support offered to the customer can be the beginning. The original product could have met the more demanding requirements of professional of earth science and has also provided many additional features to build a model of advanced grid and geostatistics capability.

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