The Easiest Way to Move Files from One Google Drive to Another

Google Drive is a web-based service provided by Google that can store and share a wide variety of files. It allows you to store all your files in one place, and access them and share them with others wherever you go.

Google Drive provides users with 5GB of free storage. If users need more space, they can choose to upgrade to 25GB, which will cost $2.49 per month. For most users, free 5GB storage space may not be enough and there is no need to pay for much money. This is why most people create multiple accounts to get the benefit of more space storage. How can you move files from one Google Drive to another? In this article, we’ll show you the process of migrating files between multiple Google Drive accounts.

How to Move Files from One Google Drive to Another?

Next, we’ll introduce three different ways in detail to help you copy files from one Google Drive account to another.

Way 1. Download and Upload Files

This is a traditional approach. Before transferring files from Google Drive to another, you need to download the files from a Google Drive account and upload them to another Google Drive account. The step-by-step process is shown as follows:

Step 1. Run Google Chrome and log in to your Google Drive account.

Step 2. On the Google Drive page, click “My Drive” and select the file you want to transfer and download it to your computer.

Step 3. After downloading the file from Google Drive to your computer, you need to sign with another Google Drive account to save these files. After signing up, click “upload files” button and select the file in your computer to upload them to your another Google Drive account.

Way 2. Share Files.

Step 1. Go to your main Google account and find the file you want to transfer, and right click “Share” button

Step 2. Enter the email address of another Google Cloud account and click the “Advanced” button. The following window will appear. Under Sharing settings, change the access into “Is owner”. Click the “Send” button.

Step 4. Now log in to your other Google Cloud account, and since the ownership of the file has been changed, you will find these files under “My Drive”.

This is the method to migrated files from one Google Drive to another from Google. We can see that this process is very time-consuming and cumbersome. So I recommend that you can continue reading the next section to know how to migrate files from one Google drive to another in an easier way.

Way 3. Move Files from One Google Drive to Another with MultCloud.

There’s a simpler and more straightforward method – MultCloud. It’s a free multiple cloud storage manager, which helps you organize all your cloud drives into one interface and provide faster and easier files transfer across multiple drives. Transfer files from One Google Drive to Another in just a few simple steps:

Step 1. Create an account for getting a right to use MultCloud, or you can click “Experience without signing up”.

Step 2. Add your Google Drive and another Google Drive account to MultCloud by clicking “Add Cloud Drive”.

Step 3. Your Google Drive and another Google Drive will be listed in the left panel. To migrate from Google Drive to another Google Drive, you need to click “Cloud Transfer” and specify Google Drive and another Google Drive as the source and destination cloud respectively. Then click “Transfer Now”.

With just three steps, you can easily transfer files from Google Drive to another. Now, you have successfully transferred all the files. 


As we have read, the process to move files from one Google Drive to another by the first and second method is very complicated, while the last method can help you easily achieve this goal without having to switch accounts, repeated downloads and uploads. In addition to Google Drive, MultCloud also supports more than 30 cloud drives, including OneDrive, MEGA, Dropbox, Flick, Google Photos and more. Besides, not only easily move files between cloud storage, MultCloud also allows you to manage multiple cloud drives in the same place and sync files from one cloud drive to another seamlessly. Most importantly, MultCloud is a free tool! Quickly access it and try it out.

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