The Best Places to Learn to Code For Free

Technology and digital transformation have changed all aspects of our lives. The same applies to the job market, where disruptive technology made many jobs obsolete, but also opened doors for new occupations and careers. College degree is not obligatory any more to land a fresh new job. Did you know that Apple, Google, and Facebook are among top companies that hire people without a college degree? 

Learning how to code can get you places in 2019. Only in Europe, there will be a shortage of over 900,000 IT workers by 2020. Knowing at least the basics of coding and programming language became elementary literacy of the new millennium. Luckily, learning how to code can be free, and that is why we made the list of the best places that offer free coding lessons.

Best places to learning to code

Know-how is a new masters degree, at least when it comes to high in-demand coding jobs. There are a plethora of free platforms for learning how to code, and here are the most popular.

MIT Open Courseware

Rated as worlds top university, MIT made its course materials available with no enrollment requirements. Among free undergraduate and graduate courses, there are many from computer science.  For beginners, there are courses on Phyton, C, C++, and Java available.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers free education in different computer sciences fields. Among technologies you could learn are HTML, CSS; JavaScript, algorithms, SQL, and many others. The courses include computer programming, computer science and animation, and the courses contain video lecture,s coding challenges, and other innovative teaching techniques.


Probably the most popular coding destination with over 45 million people that have learned hoo to cod. The courses range from HTML and CSS; JavaScript, SQL, Phyton, Ruby, and C++. 

Free Code Camp

FreCodeCamp is among the most popular boot camps you can use for free. There are more than 2,000 study groups and a vast community. You could learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, databases, Git, GitHub, Node.js, React.js, D3.js.Programing languages. There are interactive coding lessons, articles, and video tutorials.


Coursera acts as an online university with free courses in computer science, but also other subjects including liberal arts. Courses are presented by professors from notable universities. This is probably the best choice for getting theoretical knowledge on development, and there is a fee if you want a certificate.


Educational website Udemy offers thousands of courses, and for coders most interesting are web, game, and mobile apps development, as well as courses on all major programming languages. Not all courses are free, so browse and find free ones, or there are some great discount options.


GitHub is the biggest coding repository with more than 30 million developers hosting, uploading, collaborating, and building software on the platform. All modern programming languages are used on GitHub, and you can learn the basics of coding in their Coding Camp. You can also browse through million of projects and study the code and solutions from other developers.


You could find programming and game development courses on BitDegree, and you can choose the standard or courses with gamification features like achievements. Most popular programming languages and courses include HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, JQuerry, and SQL.

Code School

A popular platform for paid and free courses currently have over a million students taking courses. The idea is to follow your course, show your progress, and get feedback. Once you collect enough points, you can complete the course. There are also badges, achievements, and other gamification features. Technologies and languages offered in Code School learning tracks include Phyton, PHP, Ruby, Elixir, Databases, HTML, Javascript, and others.

Code avengers

Code Avengers is focused on learning how to code for children. New Zealand platform has interactive lessons for 5 to 14-year-olds that include fun elements. Courses revolve around game design, Phyton, C++, and Phyton.


If you have a hard time concentrating and lack the discipline to go through the learning process by yourself, maybe you can learn coding or programing language with challenge approach. Similar to karate, challenges are called kata, and the goal is to sharpen your skills. As you progress, trials will be tougher. Codewars teach Java, Javascript, Ruby, C#, SQL, and Phyton.


In today day and age, there are no excuses if you want to learn how to code. Online learning possibilities are enormous. You could find free lessons and courses from most prestigious universities like MIT, or you could browse YouTube and collect the knowledge from high-quality how-to videos. Various platforms offer to learn of programming languages and coding and spice it up with a gamification approach. As you progress from basic coding to advanced, you can find answers and collaborate in many developers communities like GitHub. Resources are virtually limitless, but the critical factor is determination and staying focused.

Guest article written by: Alvin Franklin is a creative professional, long-time freelance blog post and article writer working for EduBirdie. With a background in culture and technology, he thrives in topics revolving around the use of technology, and cultural, educational and art-related articles. His mission is to absorb the complex nature of different art and tech forms and introduce them to the audience.

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