Tenorshare ReiBoot – One Click Solution to Boot up iPhone to Normal

Just like any other Smartphone, iPhone can also get stuck in the middle or recovery mode. What to do in such scenario is a headache to all iPhone users. Most often the users tend to contact Customer Care or try to reach out to the Technical expert. But all you need is correct software to use in that situation. In this post, I am going to post a review of Tenorshare ReiBoot Software which can be used to get you out of iPhone stuck issue.

Some of the issues that can be easily solved by ReiBoot software are as follows:

  • If iOS get stuck at Apple Logo
  • If iOS get stuck in DFU Mode or Boot Loop
  • Not able to Connect with iTunes
  • Other iOS Stuck issues

Review of ReiBoot Software

Every Smartphone user wants to upgrade their device to the latest O.S. In iOS there are situation in which after upgrade the device gets stuck in continuous restart loop. The best possible solution for this is put your device in recovery mode but for a non-technical person it seems a bit tricky. But with the help of Tenorshare iCareFone ReiBoot Software, you can easily do this without pressing any button.

Functions of ReiBoot Software

  1. Helps in putting the iPhone in recovery mode when iTunes can’t recognize your device.
  2. Just 1 click feature to enter/exit recovery mode for iOS update/downgrade/jailbreak
  3. Fix all iOS stuck issues
  4. In case iPhone becomes unresponsive and errant, the software forces iPhone to restart

How to Use the Software

Install the software for Mac and Windows by following below given links:

Once the software is installed, connect your iPhone and open the software. You will a see an image like shown below.


As you can see in the image, there are three options – Enter Recovery Mode, Exit Recovery Mode and Fix All iOS Stuck issue. Select the appropriate option and that it. For example, if you selected the Exit Recovery Mode, after some time you will see an image like this.


Conclusion: The software is so simple and easy to use that even a first-time user don’t find any difficulty. I strongly recommend the software to every iPhone user. It is always better to DIY for small technical problems rather than rushing to Technical experts.

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