Tantalize your Taste Bud with the Korean Cuisine

Gwang Yang BBQ is a one stop destination for getting all kind of Korean food which has an ability to tantalize the taste buds of its diners. The renowned chefs of the restaurant and their signature dish like Gang Yang bulgogi are bound to leave the guests palate desire for more. The moment you enter the eatery you will have a sense of belonging to the place and feel at home. While going through the menu you will observe that it has been carefully selected to suit all the palates irrespective of the liking towards non vegetarian food or other side dishes of the Korean origin.  The meat used in preparing the cuisine is of topmost quality, and an extra care is taken to prepare it in a clean and hygienic way.

 Gwang Yang BBQ

The traditional Korean dishes like Yukhoe Bibimap, bulgogi jeongol, marinated galbi, galbitang, naengmyun, gopchang jeongol encourage you to take your family or bunch of friends out for a lavish lunch where they can feast upon barbecued Korean cuisine. The Korean BBQ Los Angeles Koreatown mesmerizes the guests with the minimal décor, the seating arrangement where the whole bunch of people can sit together around the table top grill and watch their meat being cooked or cook their meat themselves along with the servers.  Gwang Yang BBQ is one of the best Korean BBQ places in Koreatown Los Angeles to visit for authentic Korean food which is highly appreciated by the Korean people as well.

The best way to kick start the Korean meal is by cooking the bulgogi which is made in the simple style of Gwang Yang region of Korea where the focus is on retaining the taste and tenderness of beef but has a strong overall effect on the cooked dish. The raw beef is marinated at first and then chopped into thin slices which are cooked over black oak charcoal in a way that it retains its softness and smoky flavor to the core, you will realize the effect once you put the meat in your mouth. The meat pieces are as soft as velvet and require very little effort to chew on them which is another plus point for the meat lovers.


Gwang Yang BBQ has pleasant and professional staff member who are present to help the guests select the dishes, explain the ingredients to them and also helps in cooking the meat as per their preference. The place is very opt for large group dinner or lunch and also has facility of booking private rooms. They also have few rooms with glass walls where you can have an intimate meal with your friends. The restaurant offers you the novelty among dishes which are fresh and hip giving you a break from the same old run-of-the-mill kind of food. The venue is usually jam packed and buzzes with people especially on Friday nights.

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