Tactics to help you optimise your news website for greater visibility on search engines

If you run a business website, then it is of critical importance that you should do a proper search engine optimisation of your site to ensure that more readers discover, read and follow your news website on the internet. Search engine optimisation or SEO is the crucial key to guarantee the success of your news website. By doing a proper optimisation of your news site, you will be able to ensure that you can get the trust of the users and build a strong reputation for your news organisation. In this article, you will learn about how you must optimise your news website to get more revenues.

How are news websites different from other business web pages?

It is essential and of great significance that you should first understand the crucial difference in optimisation strategies for news web pages which is different from the optimisation tactics implemented on other business pages. The fundamental rules for search engine optimisation, like the publication of original, high-quality content and delivering an excellent user experience, will be familiar and right to all business websites. However, all types of sites do not get to thrive by using the same set and strategies of search engine optimisation guidelines.

A news website is different from the other sites. They will have to ensure that greater emphasis gets put on some other different elements than what is used in other business websites. For instance, news websites have to continuously post content on the most topical issues in the world. News websites cannot focus on one particular industry or the topics of a specific sector, but they have to focus on all current issues.  Thus, the content on news websites has to be more inclusive and take on all matters. You can never afford to ignore any particular type of content because that might put some users off from visiting your website altogether and that will mean a loss of revenues.

What tactics should you follow?

Below are listed some of the most important practices that you must keep in your mind when you set out to optimise your news web pages for better search engine results.

  1. You should try to get famous and evergreen content as a part of your strategy

You need to consider this. Being a news portal, your main business will be to write down about all topical and timely subjects. During the vast majority of the times, the issues that you will be writing about will be topical and will thus be having a short span of life. Initially, you will be getting to see a massive spike in traffic for your articles. But after some period, that specific article will be getting lower amounts of traffic, as time goes on. It will be the fundamental nature of the business when you deal with the news. As a result of this, you will see the rise and the fall of what it means to use news topics, and if you want to get high traffic levels on a consistent and constant basis, you should be trying to pump out more and more news. 

But you can keep your core and central news model in place, and still get to add more traffic to your website. For this, you need to write evergreen contents. These contents will be staying relevant and also useful for people for longer durations.  Thus, you must research on such topics. Examples include writing about investment plans, economic policies, travel destinations and general informative articles. You can research and find out other relevant topics and themes to write on.

  1. Make your website mobile friendly

Mobile usability will be critical to your success. These days mobile usability has become vital to the success of all sites, but for news websites, it is more acute. Majority of people tend to consume the news on their mobile phones. Thus, you must ensure your news website is well accessible on mobile phones. You must build your website with a responsive web design that can make your web pages fit the formatting of the site to the different screen sizes of the mobile phones of your various users. You should also use AMPs or the Accelerated Mobile Page, which is a form of web content publishing.

It will remove the different formatting and let all the web pages load at a quicker pace for the mobile phone users. It is also vital that you ensure that when you are creating the sitemap of your business website, you need to use plug-ins which are not from Google. The reason for this is that when you use Google’s sitemap generators, they will include the URLs which will not correspond to the specific news contents that you post. You must not display any duplicate content and also block all unwanted pages to ensure that the pages load faster.

What you must understand first?

It is vital that you understand that although all websites are based on the same fundamental principles news websites tend to function a bit differently from the other types of business websites. A lot of visitors get drawn into a particular news web page when there is some breaking news in their content that has a short date for expiration. You need to keep the guidelines mentioned above in your mind, to ensure that your business website is optimised correctly.

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Search engine optimisation is essential for the success of your business venture. If you run a news website, then you must implement some innovative search engine optimisation tactics that can help you boost your website’s visibility and reputation. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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