SystoTech PDF Split and Merge Tool – Specifications & Review

SystoTech PDF split and merge is a free application available for Windows users.  SystoTech offers online as well as desktop utilities for combining two or more PDF files into a single PDF file and also allows splitting a large PDF document into parts. Recently I have downloaded  SystoTech PDF Split and Merge to combine 100 of PDF files into a single PDF file. The tool really works very well and provide several helpful functions which make this tool more valuable.

Specifications of SystoTech PDF Split and Merge

  1. Developer: SystoTech
  2. Size: 2 MB
  3. Version: 1.0
  4. Price: Free of cost
  5. Download URL
  6. Functions: Split, merge and compress PDF files
  7. Application Type: Desktop Utility (also available for online use)
  8. Support: Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and Win 7 etc.
  9. Min Requirement: .Net 4.5 framework

Check Most Effective Features of PDF Split and Merge Tool

The SystoTech PDF Split and Mere application embedded with a lot of useful functions by using these features you can make solve several queries like: how to split PST file, how to merge two or more PDF documents or how to reduce the size of a large PDF document file. Detailed information about SystoTech PDF Splitter Merger are discussed below:

Merge Multiple PDF Files into One:  By using this feature of the tool, you can simply add two or more PDF files and merged all them into a single PDF file


Delete Selected PDF Files from the List: This option will help you to delete extra PDF files from the added list. You can simply select the PDF file you want to delete and press the delete icon as shown in the image.

Shift PDF Files Up and Down While Mergeing Documents: Another optional feature is available which helps to shift PDF file up and down before merging them.

Split All Pages of a PDF File: You can choose this option if you want to create individual PDf files for each page. When you select this function, the software will split all pages of the selected PDF file.


Divide PDF File into Desired Files: You can use this option to create the required number of PDF files from a large PDF document. You just need to provide a number of PDF files you want after split process.


Split PDF file pages of Specific Range: This is the best feature provided by PDF splitter merger by using which you can spit PDF file of specific page range such as: 10 to 18.


Show Total number of pages of selected PDF Files: Once you added PDF files, the software count all pages of selected PDF files and show them in Total Pages button.


Compress a Large PDF File: This option is very useful and can be used to reduce the size of PDF files. The tool automatically compresses PDF file size without affecting to content.


Simple to Use GUI: The tool has been developed with a simple graphical user interface. Everyone can use this application to split, merge or compress PDF files.

00Absolutly Free Application: The best thing about this tool is that it is available free to download and use. Everone can simply download, install and enjoy this free application.


  • Provide multiple functions such as: Merge PDF, Split PDF and Compress PDF Files.
  • Supported by all earlier and later editions of Windows operating systems.
  • A Complete free solution (No hidden charges).
  • Add two or more PDF Files at once.


  • .Net 4.5 or earlier editions of the framework must be installed.

Final Verdict: After analyzing all features of Systotech PDF Split and Merge software I found that this is the best solution for splitting and merging PDF files. It is a complete free application so everyone can try the tool for exploring all functions. I want to give a 5 star rating for this free Windows based PDF Split and Merge tool.

Note: If anyone doesn’t want to install a software and want to perform the same task online then try these web applications provided by SystoTech.

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