Study Smart With Technology

Burying your face in a book in order to ace the test or simply to improve grades does not always translate into great marks. In order for you to be a productive student, you need to study smart rather than studying hard. With the increased use of technology in education, common study techniques such as re-reading and highlighting are slowly losing their significance. Now, everyone has access to the single most revered resource of our time; the internet and, studying has never been this easy. We have listed a few methods that will help you retain as much content as possible during study sessions. Use these learning techniques to study smart.

Video Tutorials

Ceratin concepts such as the electric potential energy that cannot be visualised, can be best learnt with the help of video lectures. It is common knowledge that learners remember facts better when displayed in a video format. This study approach beats the conventional “book in your face” strategy. Different instructors have different teaching speeds. It can get a little difficult to keep up with a fast teacher. With learning aids such as the video tutorials, the important points that one might have missed can be caught on.

Better Research

Research is now more time efficient and simple due to technology. A nice search phrase will present you with hundreds of reliable results that can be classified in many different ways (such as by date or full-text article). The articles that you choose can then be automatically scanned for your keywords and use what is applicable with a simple copy and paste action.

Collaboration In Real Time

Now, it is possible for students to write and share in real-time, enabling them to see what other students are doing and saying, while still working on their own part of the project or activity. This type of technology allows project-based learning to be monitored, documented, and done outside of the school hours.
As much as technology plays a huge part in the evolution of study techniques, studying still requires some level of commitment and hard work. With grit determination and smart usage of technology, you can score extremely good marks in exams. To know how technology can make learning more effective with engaging videos, subscribe to  BYJU’S Channel and learn different math and science concepts like the unit of capacitance, Regelation and more.

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