Steps To Promote Your Videos on YouTube With Google AdWords

Google reported that it would make improvements to AdWords so that they can make marketers who are creating content on the online platform to target more audiences on YouTube. This type of announcement was especially given for mobile device users because they consist of 50 percent of YouTube views or impressions.  

Among the improvements it has created on the online advertisement market, possibly the most significant revelation was this in January 2017. Now, companies would be able to reach audiences depending on the Google search history background, in comparison to their habit of browsing, which for many years, YouTube had always been targeting. Here, you will come across the process of building up a Google AdWords advertising campaign for your YouTube content.

You Have To First Sign Up For The Google Adwords Campaign 

When you understand the audience, it makes the job even more accessible. When you create videos using a YouTube video editing platform for them, those awesome videos always give value to your viewers. They know and encounter a lot of new stuff through YouTube videos. And then, you start promoting content with Google AdWords. It indeed makes a difference. Adwords is a perfect way to extend your YouTube Channel growth by external means.

But creating an ad-based YouTube Videos alone does not work anymore, and you still have to give quality material to your audiences. The advertisements that are readily available and shown on the platform always reach the same target audience. As a consequence, AdWords ads will give your Channel additional leverage, and it will also fuel organic development. The whole process is summarized below in my own words so that you can understand it better.

  1.  Assuming that you do not have the Google Adwords account, you have to first go to their website. You can use your very own Google account or a different business account to open an online account on the platform. 
  1. Then by opening your YouTube Channel, you have to link the Google Adwords account with it. The online Channel should be the one that you want to promote. The profile or Channel can be a personal Channel or a business Channel or even a brand Channel. If you follow the on-screen instructions, then you will be able to do it very comfortably. 
  1. When the Campaign Type screen comes, then you have to select goals or objectives that you want to achieve. There are two types available such as:
    1. Brand Awareness and Reach
    2. Product and Brand Consideration 
  1.  If you are not sure about the objective, then a simple online google search can be beneficial. Next, you have to set the details of the advertisement campaign. The features that you have to put include the budget details and other pieces of information regarding the type, money that you want to spend daily, and the delivery method. 
  1. When you are selecting the delivery method, you have to be very careful. There are two options available there.
    1. Standard
    2. Accelerated

In the standard way of delivery, the AdWords uses the budget on an average for a more extended period. Therefore, it remains more or less the same for a few days depending on your budget. On the other hand, in the Accelerated method of delivery, the budget gets spent very quickly. The rate and reach remain higher in the beginning. As time passes, it becomes less and eventually finishes. 

  1.  You now have to check whether you want to make your promotions available on all sorts of websites. If you do not wish to enable the ads on all the irrelevant sites, then you have the option to clear the Video Partners on the Display Network checkbox. In this way, for example, if you want to make the ads appear on only YouTube, then you will be successful. 
  1.  If you want your promotion to reach a specific group of viewers or people, then you have to tweak the settings related to Language, Location, and Device Settings. For illustration purposes, you can say that if you are targeting only English natives, then the language should be set to English. In the same way, the Location settings help you to refine the reach based on the location. Now, if you want your ad to display only on iOS devices, then you can change your device settings according to that choice. 
  1.  Afterward, there are many options so that you can filter out sensitive content and content types. This option makes the ad to reach a slightly better audience. For more in the section of Content Exclusion, you can check the online forum so that you can tweak the several settings according to your liking. Thus, you can set up all the things related to setting up your ads.

Create The Ad Groups So That You Can Target A Better Audience To Increase The Engagement

You may build a variety of ad groups inside a single advertisement campaign. An ad group may involve several videos from YouTube that you would like to advertise by marketing. You also may make your ad category to address the very same types of keywords or YouTube materials. This type of method used in advertising is Placement as you are placing the ad on a video from the online platform.

Placement is a great way to divert all the reach from other sources into a single source.   With the help of specifying the target, you can yourself decide who views the post, such as people that look for a particular phrase or people seeing one specific type of content on the Online Channel. You can build such marketing categories depending on both the marketing type and the section that you are targeting.  

With the help of AdWords, you will be able to support your YouTube videos, made using Invideo, a great tool for promo video maker. In turn, that will also improve the exposure on the online platform of YouTube. It will help the creator expand online presence after he or she creates high-quality videos for viewers. The added exposure of online advertising brings the sustainable scope of more audience traction.

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