SQL Backup File Recovery Tool to Repair Damaged SQL Backup (Review)

Nowadays, backup files of the SQL server (or any other computer applications) had became an essential means for each and every computer user. These backup files plays a very wide role in disaster and in restoration of any database files to fix one or more SQL errors. Now a question arises that, what will happen if this SQL backup file gets corrupted due to some kind of malicious attacks? Therefore, a need arises for such solutions by which users can repair damaged SQL backup file and recover data from it. One of the most effective approach to deal with the same is to use SQL backup file recovery tool. This software recovers entire items of the database backup file including tables, views, columns, functions, etc. In this product review page, we are going to learn brief about this recovery tool.

Introduction on SQL Backup File Recovery Tool

The software repair damaged SQL backup as well as export recovered data directly to the SQL server. The product is capable of handling major or minor damaged SQL BAK file and recovers complete backup data from corrupt state. It supports XML data type of MS SQL server 2014, 2012, and below versions. After repairing the selected SQL Backup file, the software loads entire recovered data on its preview window. All rows and columns, which were present while creating a backup file will be displayed on this screen. The server files i.e., MDF and NDF both are extracted from database backup files and are exported in a desired manner. There are no file size limitation on SQL BAK files and thus, one can freely browse file of any size in this software screen. The software supports BAK file of almost all versions of the SQL server i.e., 2014, 2012, and its earlier version.

Edition Of The Tool

The SQL backup file recovery tool is present in two versions – Free Version and Full Version.

  • Trial Edition

The free/trial version of this software is available for download on official website of the organization. With help of this edition, users can view data of corrupted SQL BAK files but will not be able export data either in the SQL server or in its compatible script.

  • Licensed Edition

To use the licensed/purchase/full edition of this software, a user will have to buy the software from official site. The version does not comprises of limitations therefore, an end user can endlessly utilize the product without any compensation.

Commendable Features Of The Software

The developers of SQL backup file recovery tool had designed the application with many advance features, which makes software unique from others. Some of such remarkable features are mentioned below:

Select Multiple SQL BAK Files: If there are more than one backup files of the SQL server then, users can browse multiple files or add a folder (having several SQL BAK files), all at once. One just need to select tab of multiple backup files and then, load backup files to repair damaged SQL backup.


Dual Options to Export Data: SQL backup file recovery tool provides following two options to export recovered data:

  • SQL Server Database: With help of this option, users can export the extracted data directly into database of the SQL server. One just need to enter their server credentials for accomplishment of this task.
  • SQL Server Compatible Scripts: In case, if users are not aware from the credentials of the server then, they can create a SQL script file, which can be restored in the SQL server in future.


Export Selective BAK File Items: It is not mandatory to save complete data, which is loaded on software. Users can select specific tables, columns, procedures, etc., and then export them in the SQL server. Moreover, the ensures that originality of data will kept intact while saving or exporting files.

Pros & Cons of The Utility


  • Renders feature to directly export data in the SQL server
  • Live Status window to view current state of exporting data
  • Software requires no virtual environment for its working
  • SQL backup file recovery tool restores data from any size of SQL backup file


  • Data of scanned file can not be saved on the local machine
  • It is only a Windows-based utility

Time to Conclude Views on Tool

SQL backup file recovery tool is probably one of the best-suited approach to restore SQL Server BAK file and recover data from it. The software is totally an independent utility to repair damaged SQL backup file, which is having hardly any technicalities within it. Based upon the performance, speed, and working of the software, this application can be rated as 9.8/10. It is so because the tool does not save the scanned file on PC. Apart from this, all other features are remarkable and very much useful for dealing with corrupt SQL BAK file.

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